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Meatless Monday

Much of the saturated fat in your diet comes from meat. Saturated fat is the icky stuff that clogs arteries, which can lead to heart disease, stroke and weight gain.

Go meatless one day per week and reduce your intake of saturated fat. It matters!
Research shows that by reducing your saturated fat intake by just 15 percent, you can reduce your chance of heart disease, stroke, cancer and diabetes. So, how can you reduce your intake by 15 percent?
Do the math
One meatless day out of 7 = 15 percent reduction!
How easy is that?

Go meatless for the health of the environment!
Reduce your carbon footprint. Raising animals for food requires a significant amount of water, land, and fossil fuels for transportation. Cutting meat out of some or all of your meals can significantly reduce your impact on the environment.

Go meatless on campus
Each dining location in the Student Union Northern Fare Food Court features a meatless entree on Mondays. Meatless meals are also offered on Mondays in both Callahan Bistro and Village Cafe in Norse Commons. Other dining locations throughout campus offer Meatless options on some Mondays and throughout the week.

Green Bean Grocery Delivery

NKU Wellness is partnering with Green BEAN Delivery  to make eating local and sustainably affordable, accessible and convenient for you! 

**Introductory rate for new members: Use the promo code NKUWELLNESS to receive 20% off 3 orders!

Green Bean Delivery is a home delivery service that focuses on bringing organic, preservative-free, natural groceries right to your door. Enjoy the convenience of placing custom orders from their virtual grocery store on a weekly or bi-weekly basis to best fit your needs. Membership is free and you can easily register online for this service. **Please visit the Ohio page to register for Northern Kentucky delivery.

Outside of the Green BEAN delivery area? Here are a few suggestion:

  • Pair up with a co-worker or friend.
  • Find an alternate delivery location.
  • Pick your order up at the Green BEAN warehouse.

**Due to safety concerns with the weight of the bins, as well as varying delivery times, it is not in the best interest of participants to include an NKU drop off location, unless you are a campus resident.