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Many people ask us what makes NKU’s health and wellbeing efforts so successful and the answer is really quite simple…


University Wellness listens to YOU, we empower YOU, and we celebrate YOU.

We strive each and every day, with the fullest of passion and energy, to nourish and cultivate what it really means to sustain a culture of health and wellbeing.

Health and wellbeing is contagious at NKU. Building from values, relationships and behaviors, we understand that your journey involves all aspects of life, more than what you eat and how much you exercise. Embracing your personal vision of health and wellbeing, and igniting your energy towards actively shaping our evolving culture on campus, is all part of how we hold hands together to achieve a common goal of fulfilling a sense of wellbeing that extends beyond the physical.

As the saying goes, ‘Go big or go home’, we invite you to join us, as we continue to deliver breakthrough results and experiences that only add to the vibrancy of our campus. Tell us your stories, stretch out your hands of support – everyday in every way, together we will continue to make a difference.


University Wellness
Founders Hall 359