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Healthy Minds Survey

With support provided through the university’s Innovation Challenge, NKU conducted the Healthy Minds Study (HMS) on campus in fall of 2020. The HMS is a survey aimed at examining mental health and related issues among undergraduate and graduate students. More than 400 NKU students took part in the survey. The attached presentation, assembled by NKU's HMS team, provides a summary of the survey's findings. 

Healthy Minds Survey

Staff/Faculty Mental Health Survey

Studies in the field of education indicate student success can be attributed to significant relationships with college faculty and staff. Current research indicates helping professionals who attend to their well-being are better able to meet the needs of those with whom they work, a case may be made that promoting student success requires attending to the mental health and wellness of staff and faculty members. Doing so requires insights into the current state of well-being among the identified parties. Also, we recognize that this has been an unusual year for everyone, adapting to virtual teaching and social distancing protocols in a short frame of time has placed undue burden on everyone-students, staff and faculty. With that in mind, the MHAG launched a survey in November 2020 to gather information about staff and faculty wellness. This data is intended to complement the findings of the Healthy Minds Survey offered to students during fall 2020, creating a holistic view of mental health and wellness at the university. This will aid the MHAG in developing a response plan for improving overall mental health and wellness at NKU, positioning the university to identify priority areas of focus and effectively implement appropriate strategies to meet the needs of the NKU community. The attached presentation provides a summary of the survey's findings.

Staff & Faculty Survey

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