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The MHAG will be advisory to the President and will be co-chaired by Dr. Nita Vaidya and Dr. Christopher Lawrence. For more information, send inquiries to


  • Christopher Lawrence (co-chair)
  • Nita Vaidya (co-chair)
  • Abdou Ndoye (Interim Vice Provost) 
  • Amy Clark (Health, Counseling & Student Wellness)
  • Bob Alson (Assistant Dean of Students, Community Care & Student Conduct)
  • Christine Curran (Faculty Senate)
  • Cindy Knox (Office of Student Accessibility)
  • David Wilkerson (Social Work Program)
  • Debbie Kirch (Athletics)
  • Gina Combs (Staff Congress)
  • Janel Bloch (Faculty Senate)
  • Kim Baker (University Wellness)
  • Lisa Arrasmith (St. Elizabeth)
  • Monica Gray (Health, Counseling & Student Wellness)
  • Ronald Delgado (SGA)
  • Sara Mullins (St. Elizabeth)
  • Susannah Coaston (Clinical Mental Health Counseling Program)