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Illustration of various neurodivergencies

In connection with the Presidential Student Mental Health Initiative’s efforts to create effective support networks, the university has provided all staff and faculty with access to a workshop series entitled, "Mental Health 101 for Non-Clinical Higher Ed Professionals." Presented by Innovative Educators, the two-part video workshop can help non-clinical members of the university strengthen their foundational knowledge of mental health concerns. Those who complete the workshop will better:

  • Understand the fundamentals and scope of non-clinical professionals in student support
  • Learn the most common mental health issues facing college-age students today
  • Learn mental health issues common in non-traditional or marginalized student populations
  • Learn specific strategies for intervening and supporting students with mental health concerns and/or high-risk behaviors
  • Understand the foundations of non-suicidal self-injury and suicide prevention

To receive the link to access the workshop, as well as the associated presentation materials, please log in using your NKU ID and password.