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1.0     The purpose of this policy is to set forth procedures for the issuance and control of keys, and for accounting for keys when faculty, staff or students terminate or transfer. This policy also provides procedures for issuing keys to and retrieving keys from students. For purposes of this policy, the term "keys" will also include any programmable cards used to gain entry to NKU buildings or offices, or other secured areas.

1.1     Residential housing units are governed by the rules and regulations as provided by University Housing Director.


2.0     Keys to offices, classrooms and any other secured areas will be issued to faculty, staff and students on the basis of demonstrated need. Key forms must have the appropriate department head’s approval by signature before the request can be processed. Please refer to departmental listing (in section “How to Request a Key”). Failure to obtain all necessary signatures can result in a delay in processing.

2.1     Key requests for exterior campus building doors must be approved by signature as listed below, before processed. No exterior building keys will be issued to student workers. Failure to obtain all necessary signatures can result in a delay in processing.



Academic Staff & Faculty - 3 signatures required
(1) Department Chair
(2) Respective Dean
(3) VP Academic Affairs or Provost

Administrative Staff - 2 signatures required:
(1) Department Chair or Director
(2) VP for Administration & Finance

Student Affairs Staff - 2 signatures required:
(1) Department Chair or Director
(2) VP for Student Affairs



2.2     The appropriate key receipt form must be signed by the person to whom the key(s) is to be issued. This acknowledges receipt of the key(s) and their responsibility to protect it. The signature also signifies their agreement to pay a:


    $10 fee for each key tag, office and classroom key and a
    $50 fee for each exterior building key and/or master key
     - if they are lost or not returned to Key Control.  


Note: if the individual has separated from NKU and has refused to pay this fee, the Department will be billed. It is the Department Chair or Director’s responsibility to obtain these keys prior to departure.

2.3     The associated fees must be paid at the Student Account Services Office and original receipt provided to Key Control prior to the issuance of a replacement key. Replacement of lost or stolen keys must have a properly signed key request form stating "lost - replacement" under justification and if applicable a copy of the Department of Public Safety incident report.

2.4     Should it be necessary to re-key a building or an area due to lost, stolen or missing keys, departmental concern for physical security or determination that unauthorized duplicate keys have been made; the department will incur the cost of re-keying and re-issuing of keys to the affected areas. This will include the cost of core replacement, key cost and associated labor.

2.5     Each department may designate a person to pick up keys and obtain signatures for key receipt forms for faculty, students and staff that are unable or unavailable during office hours. Advance notification and arrangements must be set up with Key Control prior to issuance. When a department does not have a designee available, arrangements can be made for the purpose of obtaining and returning key(s) after office hours. Please call Wok Control at extension x5660.

2.6     A computerized list of all key(s) and tag(s) issued to each department will be sent annually to department heads/directors in October for the purpose of a key audit. These lists are to be verified and returned to Key Control by November 15th. This is a University requirement to maintain the safety and security for the campus.

2.7     The loaning of keys from one individual to another individual is strongly discouraged. The ultimate responsibility for that key lies with the key owner.

2.8     Key duplication is strictly forbidden.  Persons determined to have had keys duplicated may lose facility access privileges and will be subject to disciplinary action.

2.9     Only individual office and outside building keys should be taken off campus.  All other keys should be secured on campus prior to leaving at the end of each workday. 

2.10     Vendors and contractors performing assigned work on campus for an extended duration (i.e. food services, telecommunications) may be issued keys/tags to specific areas. Key requests must be completed with the individual’s driver’s license number instead of the ISO number. Upon signing the key receipt, they accept the same liability as university employees for misuse or loss of keys/tags. (See attached form.)

2.11     Contractors performing assigned work on campus for a short duration (single repair or project) will not be issued keys. Such contractors must sign out and return, on a daily basis, the appropriate key ring for the area of work through the university’s central power plant. If the contractor’s issued key ring is not returned for any reason, a $1,000 fine per key will be assessed for payment or withheld from the contractor’s final payment. (See attached form.)


3.0     A Facilities Management Key Request form must be completed and submitted intact to Key Control in Maintenance Building Room 160. Forms are available in Key Control.

3.1 Requests:

All requests will be verified and processed through the lock shop from Key Control. The requesting department will be notified promptly of any denied request.

3.2 Notification:

Notification by phone or email will be made to requesting department when key(s) is ready for issuance. Keys may be picked up from 8:15 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. Monday - Friday in Maintenance Building 160.

3.3 Obtaining Keys:

A picture ID and signature are required to obtain key(s) and tag(s).

3.4 Returning Keys:

Upon separation from the University, all keys and tags issued must be returned to Key Control. Unwanted or returned keys should not be given to co-workers, support staff, etc. to return for you. This practice causes serious key control and security problems.

When keys are no longer required, broken, or you are unsure of key nature and use, return them directly to Key Control in Maintenance Building Room 160.