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How to request a key...

Key Control reminds all NKU associates who require keys to follow these steps.

Complete and submit "Key request form" to the Key Control office, MA 106.  Legible print or type and ensure that print can be read on all copies. The form must be submitted intact. You will receive a copy for your records once it is received, stamped and processed.

Key Request Forms must have the appropriate department head's approval by signature before they can be processed.  Please refer to Department Listing below.  Failure to obtain all signatures will result in a delay.

Key requests for exterior campus building doors must be approved by signature as listed before being processed.  Failure to obtain these signatures will result in a delay.

    A. Academic staff & faculty - Dept. Chair, Respective Dean, & Provost 
    B. Administrative staff - Dept. Chair & VP for Admn Affairs 
    C. Student Affairs staff - Dept. Chair & VP for Student Affairs

Please allow five to ten (5-10) working days to process requests.  Special requests or incomplete forms may take longer to complete.

You will receive a phone call or email notifying you that your keys are ready to be picked up.  Keys may be picked up from 8:15 am - 4:30 pm Monday - Friday at MA 106.  You must provide picture ID and signature to obtain keys.

Each department may designate a person to pick up and obtain signatures for key receipts for faculty, students and staff that are unable or unavailable during office hours.  Advance notification and arrangements must be set up with Key Control.  If any department does not have a designee available, special arrangements can be made to pick-up and return keys by evening appointment hours. Please call x5660 or email

When keys and tags are no longer required, broken or you are unsure of their nature - return them to Key Control directly.  Do not give them to co-workers, support staff, etc. to return for you.  You are ultimately responsible for every key and tag assigned to you.  In addition, this practice causes serious control and security problems.

You are responsible for the keys and tags assigned to you (proof by signed receipt).  There is a $10 to $50 per key and tag charge for any key or tag that is lost or not returned.  You must pay this fee for any lost key or tag before a replacement key or tag will be assigned to you.  If you find any lost keys and provide a receipt for lost key replacement - a refund will be made available to you.  You must provide a copy of your receipt for lost key replacement and the lost key.

Forms submitted incomplete or without proper signatures will not be processed and may be delayed an additional five (5) days.  It is our goal in Key Control to provide fast and efficient service.  Your cooperation and support is greatly appreciated.

Print a copy of the Key Request Form or Key Transfer Request  Form

View a copy of our key control policy

Download a copy of the Signature Authorization memo and return to Key Control

Download a copy of the Designee Form and return to Key Control

Download a copy of the Tunnel Access Form and return to Key Control