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We will establish a minimum bid price, as determined by previous surplus property sales, and a "buy-it-now" price.  These sales will be posted on our website and may be purchased at the "buy-it-now" price. At the "buy-it-now" price, the PC will be sold on a first come first served basis.

Computer Prices Powerpoint:

Prices, Descriptions & Pictures

Computers will have all software and files removed from the hard drive before being sold.  This protects the university from violation of site licenses, and helps the university comply with many state and federal regulations regarding privacy and confidential information. Only the operating system that originally came with the computer will then be reinstalled (i.e., Windows OS, Mac OS).  Other software programs will have to be purchased by the user. 

Individuals purchasing PC's under either program will be required to take the CRT monitor if available, keyboard, mouse, speakers if available, and anything else that came with the original unit.  This will eliminate problems associated with disposing of peripheral equipment. All flat screen monitors will be a seperate purchase of $25.00