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Northern Kentucky University has contracted with Chartwells the exclusive agent to purchase, prepare, and sell food, food products, and non-alcoholic beverages on its campus in Highland Heights, Kentucky, except as mutually agreed upon by NKU and the food service company.

Stipulations for registered student organizations include the following:

  1. Each organization must be registered with the Center for Student Engagement.
  2. BAKE SALES: A bake sale is defined as the sale of baked goods, pastry, doughnuts, cookies, etc. that do not require refrigeration or heat to maintain product safety. All other types of food sales are prohibited unless otherwise authorized in writing by the Director of Food Services.
  3. Other than bake sales NO food sales may be held on campus without the written consent of the Office of Business Operations. The Request for Exception to the Food Policy is available on the Business Operations and Auxiliary Services website.
  4. Locations, such as the plaza front to Nunn Hall, the first floor of Nunn Hall in front of the elevators, and other areas inside campus buildings, must be reserved and confirmed by through the online scheduler by an on-campus advisor unless otherwise directed. Certain lobby areas are not currently available to reserve.
  5. The food service director is willing to advise any organization dealing with food donations on Health and Sanitation Department regulations under which such food sales must be conducted. They will also cooperate with any group on the procurement of supplies.
  6. All poster, flyers, etc., advertising a Bake Sale must be approved and stamped for posting by the Student Union Information Desk.