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Spring 2024 Workshops

**Please note, all sessions will be recorded and posted on our Canvas page**

Classroom Learning Assessment: Identifying Evidence And Using Rubrics

When: February 7th 2pm OR February 9th 12pm

Where: Find the recording on Canvas

Presenter: Emily Detmer-Goebel

Join us for practical and plainspoken guidance about assessment planning. We will review basic terminology and identify kinds of assessment evidence for your course-level learning outcomes. We’ll discuss the principles of effective evidence as well as the use of rubrics. If you are new to assessment or wish for a refresher on the basics, join with other faculty as we discuss best practices for assessing student learning in your courses.

Supporting Inclusion of College Students with Intellectual And/or Developmental Disabilities

When: February 28, March 13 & 27, 1pm

Where: Zoom:

Presenters: Lori Vincent, Kerri Wolfer, Lisa Claypool, Jason Harris

This workshop series will include strategies and supports to assist pos-tsecondary students with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities be successful on campus. The series will include topics such as: how to use a neuroaffirming approach to education; academic and classroom supports for diverse learners; social supports to help students achieve the campus life they desire; executive functioning strategies to help increase student independence and success; and mental health supports for all students.

Creating Community in Online Courses

When: April 2nd and 9th 12pm


Where: Zoom:

Presenter: Vanessa Steele

Develop effective strategies for building an approachable online presence that helps you develop warm, respectful relationships with your students in the online learning environment.

April 2, noon: Session 1: Building rapport with your students

Students perform better, retain information longer, and are more successful when they have people who see their potential and believe in them. Going online removes the ability to see our students in-person, but it does not strip away our ability to connect with them. In this workshop, we'll explore how you can build rapport with your students in fully asynchronous online courses. 

April 9, noon: Session 2: Facilitating relationships among peers

In this follow-up session to Building Rapport with Your Students, we'll discuss how to utilize the collective knowledge and experiences of your students to aid in learning and comprehension. We'll look at tips for facilitating relationships among peers online and how to get buy-in from reluctant students, as well as some tools and strategies for conquering the dreaded discussion boards and getting students engaged in group learning.  


Professional development Institutes are a new offering from CETI. Our vision is that we will engage faculty through a process of development that spans aspects of teaching in-person, hybrid and online. Our institutes will all have limited seating, be available in-person and online. Some of the institutes will be prerequisites for others. We will begin by offering 2-3 per semester including 1-2 over the summer. For each institute completed, educators are eligible for a $500 stipend. If interested, faculty may apply for a $1000 stipend after completing Guided Course Development and submitting a redeveloped/newly developed course for review and peer observation of the course being taught.

Mastering Teaching Technology

This workshop explores utilizing digital learning tools to enrich teaching and optimize student outcomes. Whether you teach online, in-person, or in a hybrid format, integrating select technologies can enhance learner engagement and streamline course delivery and grading.

In this hands-on Institute, you will gain skills to:

  • Effectively leverage teaching technologies to boost teaching and learning
  • Connect student learning objectives to assessments
  • Apply learning analytics to adapt teaching practices and improve student outcomes
  • Streamline course shell setup and updates across semesters
  • Evaluate potential learning tools to ensure they meet student needs and teaching standards
  • Create engaging digital learning activities to increase student participation

By spending time evaluating, integrating, and implementing digital resources, you can transform your instructional environment. This workshop provides practical strategies to determine which technologies make sense for your courses and how to successfully incorporate them. Join us and add new digital teaching tools to your repertoire.

AI institute

Join us for an 8-week series where we will cover reframing how we teach in the realm of AI, incorporating AI into your class in a meaningful way, testing various AI tools and prompts, hear from faculty who have begun incorporating AI in their classes, and work to develop assignments using AI.

Future Semester Sessions:

  • Pedagogy Development
  • HIPs/Experiential Learning
  • Guided Course Development

Online Trainings

Go2Knowledge Signin

Go2Knowledge Live Webinars

  • ChatGPT in the Classroom: Embracing AI for Enhanced Teaching and Learning. Feb 7th 3pm
  • MaximizingTeaching Potential: The Power of Student Data & Feedback in Education. Feb 8th 3pm

Online Asynchronous Trainings

CETI has utilized the Go2Knowledge on demand asynchronous trainings to develop a
series of trainings that can be accessed on your schedule through our Canvas
. Each group of trainings covers topics around a central theme, and some
are prerequisites for other groups. Currently, the topics include:

  • Foundational Teaching 1,2 &3,   
  • Strategies for Online Teaching,
  • Online Teaching Fundamentals 1 & 2,
  • Increasing Student Engagement Online,
  • DEI in the Classroom,
  • DEI Beyond the Classroom,
  • Active Learning 1 & 2,
  • Mental Health on Campus, and
  • Mental Health for Educators

As you finish each group of trainings, you will receive a badge indicating completion.

TalentED Trainings

CETI has also built some self-driven trainings for TalentED that you can access anytime! If you need an introduction (or refresher) on using Canvas to help deliver your course content, or you want to learn how to use Kaltura, we have you covered! Learn how to navigate Canvas, set up your assignments, quizzes, and discussion boards, and create and edit videos with Kaltura, all at your own pace.