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*Note: If you are reporting an allegation of sexual misconduct on behalf of someone else, you should submit the Sexual Misconduct Report Form, not the Formal Complaint Form.

The term “Formal Complaint” has a very specific definition within the Title IX Final Rules (See, 34 CFR 106.30(a)). A Formal Complaint is a document filed by a Complainant, or in rare circumstances—the Title IX Coordinator. A Formal Complaint requires a signed writing that alleges Policy violation(s) by Respondent(s) and requests that the University investigate the allegation(s). A Formal Complaint initiates the University’s Formal Grievance Process.

A written Formal Complaint may be filed with the Title IX Coordinator in person, by email, US mail, or using the University’s online portal. A Complainant’s signature can be physical or digital, or otherwise indicate that the Complainant is the person filing the Complaint.

If a Complaint is submitted in a form that does not meet this standard, the Title IX Coordinator will contact the Complainant to ensure that it is filed correctly.

To file a Formal Complaint through the Office of Title IX, please access the online submission form here: