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All members of the Northern Kentucky University community are encouraged and empowered to report incidents of sexual harassment and/or retaliation to the Office of Title IX or any OWA. However, when a member of the University community becomes aware of such an incident, they may honor the Complainant’s request not to have identifying information reported to the University. Trainings to foster campus awareness of reporting and support services are provided regularly and may be scheduled by contacting the Office of Title IX.

Athletics staff, coaches, administrators, and student-athletes are required to report any known or suspected sexual harassment (including sexual violence) to the Title IX Coordinator immediately.

Reports do not automatically initiate the university’s obligation to investigate the allegation, but may place the University on Notice that sexual harassment and/or retaliation may be occurring. Reports can be made to a designated individual or online.

Reports may be made in writing or verbally to the Title IX Coordinator, Title IX Investigator, Deputy Title IX Coordinator(s), or any Official with Authority at any time, including during non-business hours, in-person, by telephone, email, or US mail.
Reports may also be made online, using the reporting form posted at: (File a Report).
Upon receiving a report of sexual harassment and/or retaliation, the Title IX Coordinator will contact the Complainant to offer supportive measures and determine if the person impacted wishes to make a Formal Complaint, and will assist them to do so, if desired.

Because reporting carries no obligation to initiate the Formal Grievance Process, the Complainant remains largely in control and should not be deterred from submitting a report which allows the University to provide supportive measures.

Reporting requirements under Title IX may be different than reporting requirements under other state and/or federal laws, such as the Clery Act. Please refer questions about other reporting obligations to the Office of Legal Affairs.

To file a Sexual Misconduct Report through the Office of Title IX, please access the online submission form here: