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UCAPs Impact
UCAP by the Numbers

Fall 2022 - Spring 2023 Academic Year

55.2% Response Rate

Referrals 22-23 Academic Year

Through Help a Norse, UCAP receives referrals from faculty and staff with requests to offer additional support to NKU students regarding their academic, financial, or personal concerns.

  • UCAP received a total of 863 alerts  
  • UCAP was able to connect with 366 of these students in a 1:1 meeting.
  • UCAP assisted with coordinating care for 111 referrals.
  • UCAP attempts to connect with a student 4+ times via email & phone.

Over 1,600 Interactions 

Significant Student Interactions 22-23 Academic Year

UCAP meets with students for a number of reasons throughout the year. 

  • Educational Diversity Scholarship recipients
  • LIFT Scholarship recipients
  • Northern Difference Scholarship recipients
  • Students who are referred or request their own meeting
  • UCAP Textbook Lending @ Steely program participants
  • Retention Award requests
  • UCAP and Gown program participants

41 Graduating Student Participants

 UCAP & Gown 22-23 Academic Year

The UCAP and Gown program offers graduating seniors the opportunity to borrow a graduation gown for FREE. Students only have to purchase their cap and tassel. 

This is a first come, first serve opportunity. For the Fall 2023 Graduation, the UCAP and Gown program application opens on Monday, September 25th and will remain open until Tuesday, November 21st. To receive a gown, students must meet with a UCAP staff member.

Apply Now

302 Students & 624 Textbooks

UCAP Textbook Lending @ Steely Participation 22-23 Academic Year

Through the UCAP Textbook Lending @ Steely program, students are able to borrow a textbook for the entire semester at no cost. Students who participate in this program are invited to meet with a UCAP staff member to discuss their academic, financial, or personal concerns. 

This past year, 302 students participated in the program and borrowed a total of 624 textbooks.