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UCAP Student Services

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UCAP Student Services

UCAP Textbook Lending @ Steely Library allows students to borrow textbooks for a full semester. Students who borrow books are invited to meet 1:1 with UCAP staff for a financial and academic wellness check.

Retention Awards support students who are experiencing financial hardships relating to their university account balance. In order to determine eligibility and discuss the application process, students will schedule a 1:1 appointment with a UCAP staff member.

Academic and financial success planning empowers students to take control of their financial health and well-being while attending NKU and beyond. UCAP staff are well versed in financial success planning and financial literacy resources, such as: identifying and applying to scholarships, disseminating financial aid packages and general budgeting.

  • If you are interested in developing your financial literacy, please make an appointment with a UCAP team member. We can get you connected to our Financial Literacy Canvas Site.  

Networking allows students to be more successful while at NKU and as they build their career. The UCAP Office assists students in creating their success networks.

All students interested in utilizing these services are encouraged to schedule an appointment with a UCAP team member.

What does an alert to UCAP mean?

An alert to UCAP means that a faculty or staff member noticed that you were experiencing some challenges and, because they cared about your well-being, referred you to UCAP for support.

Students do not have to be referred by a faculty or staff member. Any student on campus can contact our office for any reason and schedule an appointment with UCAP staff for support and guidance.

Most students receive an alert to UCAP for the following reasons:

  • academic concerns
  • personal concerns
  • financial concerns
What happens when I meet with UCAP?

At your appointment, UCAP staff will discuss your situation with you in detail and assist you in coming up with a plan to get back on track. 

UCAP staff may also refer you to other campus resources that may help you.