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Nunn Hall

Building number: 0130
Building Code: NH
Assignable Square Feet: 66,351
Gross Square Feet: 113,451
Construction Year: 1972
Original Cost: $5,085,194
Replacement Cost: $48,089,464
Ground Breaking Date: March 31, 1971
Occupancy Date: June 1, 1972
Dedication Date: October 29, 1972

Nunn Hall, the first facility constructed on the new Highland Heights campus in 1972, is a five-story, poured in place concrete building.  Originally housing nearly all academic and administrative functions, including classrooms and laboratories, Nunn Hall created the image of Northern Kentucky University.  The completion of Nunn Hall and Regents Hall were celebrated in a campus Open House held October 29, 1972.

Nunn Hall was renovated in 1981 at a cost of $1.5 million for the Salmon P. Chase College of Law, which still occupies the facility, including the Law Library, law classrooms, and faculty offices. Since that time, numerous small renovation projects have been accomplished to enhance the building's appearance and function.

This building is named in honor of Louie B. Nunn, governor of Kentucky from 1967 to 1971. On March 14, 1968 Governor Nunn signed legislation creating Northern Kentucky State College; on June 19, 1976, Northern Kentucky State College became Northern Kentucky University.

Project Team:

Architect: Fisk, Rinehart & Hall, McAllister, Stockwell 

Structural Engineer:  Leggett & Irvan

General Contractor: Messer Construction



Architect/Engineer: Gartner, Burdick, Bauer-Nilsen (GBBN)

General Contractor: Century Construction