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Building Number: 0290
Building Code: SL
Assignable Square Feet: 97,380
Gross Square Feet: 141,567
Construction Year: 1975
Original Cost: $5,305,183
Replacement Cost: $ 44,453,770
Ground Breaking Date: October 22, 1973
Dedication Date: November 23, 1975
Occupancy Date:

The W. Frank Steely Library is a major educational resource for NKU and the surrounding community. Originally completed in 1975, the building underwent a major expansion in 1994-95 at a cost of $10,145,254, for a total investment in this facility of $15,450,070. It currently has 141,665 gross square feet on five floors (87,639 gsf original, 54,026 gsf expansion). Called "the center jewel of the campus," Steely Library has received considerable publicity due to its unique architecture and interior design. The library's attractive loggia, located at the plaza level under the striking 45-degree sloping glass wall, and its coffee shop are a popular campus destination. The office of the Dean of Arts and Sciences is located on the fourth floor of the library and the Information Technology Solutions Center.

Steely Library is named in honor of the first president of Northern Kentucky University, Dr. W. Frank Steely, who served as president from 1969 to 1975.

Project Team: Fisk, Rinehart & Hall, McAllister, Stockwell (Architect/Engineer) White, Walker & McReynolds (Structural Engineer) Monarch Construction (General Contractor) 1994 RENOVATION/EXPANSION TEAM: Godsey Associates Architects (Architect) Staggs & Fisher (Mechanical Engineer) Senler Campbell & Associates (Structural Engineer) Margaret Beckman (Library Consultant)