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Interviewing Techniques Workshop

To learn about interviewing styles and techniques for succeeding in interviews, attend the Interviewing Techniques Workshop. See Programs/Events for dates/times and to view workshop videos. This classroom-style presentation will cover the following topics:

  • Styles of interview questions
  • Types of interviews and the overall process for most organizations
  • Appropriate attire for interviewing
  • Techniques for answering questions completely and concisely
  • Tips on body language and etiquette
  • Instructions for follow-up afterwards

The workshop follows the Interviewing Techniques Guide, which is available on the Guides and Handouts page.


Interview Prep by

Interview Prep by is a practice interview system that allows you to see and hear yourself online by using a webcam.

Unsure how you may perform during your next big interview or finding yourself nervous about a face-to-face? Interview Prep will get you more acclimated to the interview process. You will be able to simulate job interviews by responding to pre-recorded interview questions and practice both verbal and non-verbal communication skills. Afterwards, all interviews are immediately accessible online for feedback.

Access Interview Prep by 24/7 with NKU sign-on. (For mobile devices, you must allow pop ups.) You can then select from standard interview questions to specific questions related to your field of study. Graduate and medical school questions are also available.



Mock Interviews

A "mock interview" is conducted as if it's a real interview, but in a low-pressure setting.  Feedback is provided to help you improve your interview skills.  There are two ways to schedule a mock interview with Career Services.

Mock Interview Service

Mock interviews are available by appointment throughout the year; call Career Services at 859-572-5680 to schedule a time with one of our Peer Career Assistants.  Treat this as a normal interview - wear interview attire, prepare to answer and ask questions, etc.  The Peer Career Assistant will record the practice interview session then watch it with you and discuss ways to improve your interview performance.

Mock Interview Day

Offered annually, local employers are invited to NKU to conduct practice interviews with students.  This opportunity is the closest simulation of a "real" interview available.  The employers and students will conduct the interview as if it's a selection interview for employment, then the employer will provide constructive feedback at the end.  Students must schedule their Mock Interview Day appointment in advance, via Handshake.  



Thirteen Tips for Nailing a Skype (video) Interview

The Five Most Common Internship Interview Questions and How to Answer Them

Professional Dress (for interviews/work)

Professional Clothing Resources

Wear This Not That: A Millennial's Guide to Business Casual

Career Spots Videos

Watch these short videos to learn more about improving your interview skills.

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