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Job-Search Advice Videos

CareerSpots Videos: View short, high-quality job-search advice videos: Career Ready; Job Search (interviewing/resumes, etc.); Internships/Co-ops; and Success Stories.

Career Informational Videos

Candid Career Videos: Provider of 8,000+ informational interviews featuring industry professionals. Watch interviews of people in careers you are considering!

Videos from Past Events/Workshops

View YouTube videos from Career Services workshops on resume writing, interviewing, Handshake, LinkedIn, etc.


Resume Preparation Guide
A great starting place for those beginning a co-op, internship, or job search. This guide includes common resume formats, traditional and optional components, and customization tips. Also includes a helpful reference sheet for action words, as well as numerous sample resumes.

Cover Letter & Job-Search Letters Guide
No resume is complete without a cover letter, and a well-written thank-you letter can help you land the job! This guide describes the purpose and use of job-search correspondence and how to write the various types of letters.

Job-Search Strategies Guide
Essential for graduating seniors searching for full-time employment, but also helpful to those seeking a co-op or internship opportunity. This guide helps you set the stage for your job search by focusing on attitude, preparation, and numerous job-searching strategies. Includes helpful documents such as an introduction letter, telephone script, and job offer checklist.

Interviewing Guide
Ace that big interview! This guide describes the types of interviews you may encounter, what employers want, how to prepare, and what to do after the interview. Sample questions will help you hone your interviewing skills. Also includes a list of questions to ask interviewers, and a guide to handle illegal questions.

Job-Search Guide for International Students
For international students seeking employment in the U.S. Includes a self-assessment, resume and cover letter tips, and strategies for identifying potential employers.

Graduate School and Professional School Guide
Is graduate school for you? Where? When? Answers to these questions and more are in this guide. Also includes information about the application process, graduate school interviews, and financial aid options.

Nonprofit Careers Guide
Learn about nonprofit careers.

Government Careers Guide
Learn about internship and career opportunities within the federal government and tips for a federal government job search. Includes helpful websites for job seekers and a breakdown of pay scales and general schedule (GS) explanation.

Career Guide for LGBTQ Students
A person’s sexual orientation and gender identity can have an impact on a number of factors related to career planning, including which career fields are most appealing, how to identify a positive work environment and organizational culture, and how to navigate the job search.


Career Development Timeline
Use this as a guide toward your career destination.

Interview Prep by Flyer
Overview of how to use this online mock interview system that uses a computer or tablet and a webcam. Available 24/7.

GoinGlobal Flyer
Use this resource for finding information on employment internationally and in various cities across the USA.

Professional Dress (for interviews/work)
Describes and gives visual examples of interview-appropriate attire and accessories. Includes other helpful image tips to consider during your job-search and interview process.

Cover Letter Worksheet (Word)  (PDF Version)
Complete the blanks on this worksheet then follow the example to create a personalized cover letter.

Professional Clothing Resources
Northern Kentucky/Cincinnati Thrift, Consignment, and Outlet Stores.

Online Social Networking
Discusses the growing necessity for and proper management of your online image. Provides a list of common online social networking sites, as well as tips for managing your online profile.

Graduate School Application Timetable
A suggested timeline for completing the graduate school application process.

Professional School Application Timetable
A suggested timeline for completing the graduate school application process.