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Show your appreciation for a donor's generous gift by writing a thank you letter. Introduce yourself and explain a little about how this scholarship will help you accomplish your personal and professional goals.

Please download the word document here to create your letter. Once the letter is created please email it to Annie Spaulding

Here are a few tips:

  • Please download the word document
  • Include a picture. Donors love to put a face with a name.
  • Address your letter "Dear Generous Donor"
  • Tell your story:
    • Include your major and year in school
    • Say thank you
  • Explain a little about your situation:
    • Why did you choose NKU?
    • Are you involved on campus or in the community?
    • How will this scholarship help you? What would you have done without it?
    • What do you hope to do with your degree?
    • What are your future goals?

We may contact you to be featured on our website or in one of the many publications we prepare. Your letter and picture may be used in promotional pieces and included in donor reports.


Submit a Thank You Letter