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Aetna offers a wide range of services for employees and their family members including 24/7 access to care providers, a robust set of online resources, and counselors available across the geographic region, making accessing services more convenient than ever before. If you are eligible for health coverage through NKU, you and your family members are invited to utilize the Aetna Employee Assistance Program.

All of Aetna’s services are free and confidential. If you or a family member are dealing with stress, family issues, alcohol or substance abuse problems, relationship difficulties, legal or financial concerns or need help locating child or elder care, Aetna can help!

If you have any questions about the EAP, contact:

Rachel Green at

Natalie Gabbard at

Kim Baker at

EAP Access Information

Benefits eligible employees can access the EAP at any time by the following means:
Call the toll-free number for Employee Services: 1-888-AETNA-EAP (1-888-238-6232)
Web Site:

Use your company user name and password  to log in:

User name: mynkueap

Password: eap

What to expect when you call the toll-free number

When you call the toll-free number, an EAP representative will speak with you about the nature of the issue for which you are seeking service. Your initial consultation can be done via phone.

  • If you need ongoing support, the EAP representative will help you locate an appropriate counselor in the area of your choice, whether close to your home or work. They will provide a list of names for a few providers that meet the criteria.
  • You can search for your own provider on DocFind by zip code or name and inform the representative of your choice.
  • State your preference for a current or past counselor of your choice and the rep will determine if they are a part of the EAP network of providers. If they are not part of the network, the EAP will see if the provider will join the network or agree to see you one time at the EAP reimbursement rate without joining the network.
  • It is your responsibility to call the preferred provider and schedule an appointment.
  • Once you have scheduled an appointment, you must call the EAP representative back to obtain an authorization number to give to the provider at the initial appointment. AETNA will follow-up with the provider concerning billing and payment. You should never pay out of pocket for any EAP services.
  • The EAP representative will also provide information or resources on varying topics tailored to your specific requests. They may offer to send related articles or resources via email or US mail. They can provide guidance in areas such as choosing a child care provider, elder care, dealing with finances or finding legal services. Below are some of the the areas the EAP can provide assistance, with a few highlights.  

All EAP Features and Services

Counseling and Relationship Support

Unlimited, 24-Hour Telephonic Access

You have unlimited, toll-free telephonic access to EAP dedicated staff, 24 hours per day.

Ready Clinician Access
After a brief screening, you will be given ready telephonic access to licensed behavioral health professionals.

Counseling Sessions
You and all members of your household can each receive up to the designated 8 face to face counseling sessions with no direct cost to you i.e., no copays or deductibles. You can access these 8 counseling sessions once per year for any one issue. There is no limit to the number of issues.

If counseling beyond the pre-determined number is needed for a particular issue, Aetna EAP will facilitate additional counseling sessions through your medical benefits plan, when available. 

Interactive Web Resources
You have direct access to a full range of Web-based tools and resources, such as easy-to-find information, self-assessments and more, on a variety of relevant topics. Your home page quickly displays your EAP choices so you can start getting the help you need, 24 hour s a day, seven days a week. 

Work/Life Balance:
You and your household members can access a wide range of services including consultation, information, education and referral services. Here is a partial list of common issues and concerns addressed through the EAP. Call to receive assistance on these or any other work/life issue you may be facing.

  • Urgent/Daily Living Needs                             
  • Adult Care and Elder Care           
  • Child Care                                
  • Caregiver Support            
  • Care for People with Disabilities
  • Parenting
  • Pet Care
  • Special Needs
  • Summer Care
  • Temporary Back-up Care
  • Adoption
  • Consumer Information
  • School/College Planning

Legal Services

1/2 hour free consultation with selected plan attorney up to three new legal topics (each plan year) related to:

  • General law (certain topic areas are excluded, such as employment law)
  • Mediation Services
  • Special Needs, including emergency matters
  • Document preparation
  • A discount of 25% off the hourly rate charged by the plan attorney for any legal services not covered and/or beyond the 1/2 hour initial consultations referenced above.
  • Services available during regular business hours (9 am to 5 pm Monday - Friday)
  • All initial consultations (and discounted consultations) must be for legal matters related to you, the employee.

Financial Services

  • 1/2 hour free consultation on up to three new financial counseling topics each plan year.
  • Topics including budgeting, credit debt, retirement, college funding, buying vs. leasing, mortgages/refinancing, financial planning, tax questions and preparations, IRS matters, tax levies & garnishments, consumer credut counseling, community services
  • All services must be for financial matters related to the employee and eligible household members

Employee Kits

Three educational kits are available to you at no charge containing pertinent information and resources for each topic.

Pre-Natal Kit
*The book, "Dr. Spock's Baby and Child Care 8th Edition".
*Literature related to breastfeeding, birthing options, baby products and equipment, child care options, choosing a medical provider, child development.
*Gifts to welcome your baby such as a bib, bottle bag, magnet with immunization schedule and one-piece infant undergarment.

Child Safety Kit
*Pocket guide to emergency first aid, car seat safety glove box tips.
*Literature related to: choosing age appropriate toys, fire safety, baby products and equipment, sunburn protection, poison prevention, outdoor safety.
*Products such as emergency information pouch for caregivers, wipe off board, night light, smoke detector calendar stickers, first aid kit, child identification kit, safety items for the home such as cabinet locks.

Adult/Elder Care Kit
*Literature regarding being a caregiver, encouraging healthy habits in adult loved ones, home safety for adult loved ones.
*Products such as medical information storage kit, daily record keeper, wipe off emergency board, flashlight, night light, pill organizer, jar gripper.

Discount Center
Web service that enables you to take advantage of hundreds of pre-negotiated discounts on brand-name products and services, including categories such as computers & electronics, theme parks, movie tickets, books & DVDs, city attractions, travel, rental cars, gifts, apparel & shoes, child and elder care, flowers, jewelry, fitness centers and more.

Aetna is not a provider of health care financial, legal or work life services and, therefore, cannot guarantee any results or outcomes. All participating providers are independent contractors and are neither agents nor employees of Aetna. The availability of any particular provider cannot be guaranteed and is subject to change. All EAP calls are confidential, except as required by law (e.g., when a person's emotional condition is a threat to himself/herself or others, or there is suspected abuse of a minor child, and in some areas, spousal or elder abuse.