The listings below provide information for reports we recommend to all users as they will fit most users daily reporting needs.  This is not a comprehensive list of all existing reports within the BW reporting system.  As queries are updated and added, this site will continue to be updated.

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*Note that we recommend limiting your search to one word.  This search function performs character by character - multi-word searches must be precisely typed for all but the last word.  For example, spec will return all specialization results, as it is the only (and last) word in the search.  Spec Reference will produce no results as there are no entries in which spec<space> exists.




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Query Name Query Tech Name
Academic Calendar - Reference ZCM_ZHE4_IS36_Q001
Academic Plan ZCM_ZHE4_IS05_Q001
Academic Structure Reference ZCM_ZHE4_IS56_Q001
Admissions by Specialization w/ Enrollment ZCM_ZHE_IS31_Q0001
Class Roster by Semester and Org Unit ZCM_E_ZHE_IS45_Q0001
Class Roster, Test Scores & Previous Course History ZCM_E_ZHE_IS43_Q001
Course Listing ZCM_E_ZHE_IS22_Q0004
Current Status & Hold ZCM_ZHE_IS46_Q002
Enrolled Headcount – Five Year Trend ZCM_ZHE4_IS17_Q001
Enrolled Students - Advisor Information ZCM_E_ZHE_IS15_Q0001
Enrolled Students - Advisor Org Unit ZCM_E_ZHE_IS15_Q0004
Enrolled Students - No Current Major Advisor ZCM_ZHE_IS15_Q0002
Faculty Grade Distribution Report ZCM_E_ZHE_IS45_Q005
Funds Center Hierarchy - Reference ZFI_0FUNDS_CTR_Q001
Graduation Data w/ Specialization ZCM_ZHE4_IS03_Q002
List of All Specializations - Reference ZCM_0HE_MODGRP_Q001
Midterm Grades Appraisal ZCM_E_ZHE4_IS19_Q003
NKU Enrollment by Specialization ZCM_E_ZHE_IS54_Q001
Open Matriculation Students - Advisor Information ZCM_ZHE4_IS13_Q002
Open Matriculation Students with Specializations ZCM_ZHE4_IS29_Q001
Open Matriculation, Enrollment and Registration Windows ZCM_ZHE4_IS65_Q001
Open Matriculation Unenrolled Student Detail ZCM_ZHE4IS133_Q001
PB/S Numbers by College (Probation/Suspension) ZCM_ZHE_IS13_Q0007
Student Reference - Admissions ZCM_ZHE_O01_Q002
Student Reference - Advisor ZCM_ZHE_O17_Q001
Student Reference - Contact Information ZCM_ZHE3_O27_Q001
Student Reference - Demographics ZCM_0HE_STUDNT_Q002
Student Reference - Enrollment Profile ZCM_ZHE_O25_Q003
Student Reference - Graduation ZCM_ZHE_O08_Q003
Student Reference - Performance Indicators ZCM_ZHE3_PI5_Q002
Student Reference - Program/Specialization ZCM_ZHE_IS21_Q004
Student Reference - Progressions ZCM_ZHE_O101_Q002
Student Reference - Status and Hold ZCM_ZHE_O22_Q001
Student Reference - Test Scores ZCM_ZHE_O12_Q003
Student Reference - Transcripts ZCM_ZHE_O13_Q002