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Our goal is to create the right communication tool—whether it's a brochure, press release, website or photograph—so that you can effectively reach your targeted audience. M+C ensures that every project is developed and produced in the most professional and cost-effective manner. We also focus on the big picture, asking ourselves and you how your project might relate to other initiatives at the university, which gives us ideas about how to relay information in the most useful and integrative way.

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We're located in Lucas Administrative Center, Suite 701. Take a right off the elevator, and we're the first office you'll see.

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  • A photo of Dr. Terhune's class gathering for a picture in the classroom.

    Changing Hearts and Minds

    “It’s widespread and globally prevalent, but it is largely accepted and ignored. I thought this was a great opportunity to start introducing students to what ageism is."

  • A Different Approach

    "At NKU, there is a sense of 'We appreciate who you are, we value your opinion and we’re going to give you our support.'"

  • Counting on Confidence

    “That’s what I’m trying to focus on: helping students realize the great opportunity they have before they make things harder for themselves."