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Staff: Official Employee Studio Portraits (headshots)

Staff studio portraits are essential for professional profiles, employee directories, and internal communications. NKU faculty, staff, student employees and Board of Regents may visit the photography studio in the office of Marketing + Communications (AC730) to have their official university employee portrait taken. Studio portrait services are available in the photography studio and are limited to NKU employees and the Board of Regents only.

Portrait services are not available to students, student groups, classes, affiliate groups, boards, or outside the photography studio.

Headshots will take place bimonthly in the office of Marketing & Communications (AC730), and dates and sign-ups will be available beginning in October on this page. For questions, please contact Andrew Garrett at (859) 572-7566 or

Contract: General Student and Campus Photography

(for broad marketing purposes, as determined by the office of Marketing + Communications)

For major marketing campaigns and high-profile publications, NKU contracts with professional photographers who specialize in commercial or marketing photography for regularly-scheduled photoshoots at an interval to be determined. Photo shoots are arranged and managed by the office of Marketing + Communications to support specific marketing goals, target projects and University strategy and priorities. These include campus and student images for marketing, advertising, social media, recruitment, specific academic areas, advancement efforts, alumni engagement, donor relations, NKU magazine, public relations, historic/archival, etc.

NKU will use images taken by vendors/contractors to maintain a photo archive of current photography for the office of Marketing + Communications and share with the broader campus community as needed. General Student and Campus Photography partner contract will be held and funded by the office of Marketing + Communications. These images can be found at

Looking for existing photos of campus?

The Office of Marketing & Communications maintains an archive of existing photography that goes back to 2009. Files are saved according to month and date of the assignment.

Please let our office know if you have trouble accessing photos. All pictures are Northern Kentucky University property and are subject to NKU usage guidelines. 

First, before attempting to access these photos, ensure you are currently connected to one of NKU’s networks:

1. Wired ethernet connection
2. NKU_Secure (wifi)
3. NKU_Encrypted (wifi)

If you are off campus at the time, you will first need to connect to NKU’s VPN.

Once you’ve connected properly to NKU’s network, follow the instructions below.

If you are logged in to your NKU computer, you will be taken directly to the photos folders. If not, a username & password prompt will appear and you will enter your NKU credentials.

You should now be connected and will be able to view two folders called “photos” and “archives.” Open and maneuver to the month and date of your assignment.

If you have any problems connecting to the resources above, please contact the IT Help desk at (859) 572-6911 for further assistance.