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Studio portraits are essential for professional profiles, employee directories and internal communications. NKU faculty, staff, student employees and Board of Regents may visit the photography studio in the office of Marketing + Communications (AC730) to have their official university employee portrait taken. Studio portrait services are available in the photography studio and are limited to NKU employees and the Board of Regents only. Portrait services are not available to students, student groups, classes, affiliate groups, boards, or outside the photography studio. 

Employee studio portraits are taken on the first and third Wednesdays of each month between 9-11 a.m. and 2-4 p.m. Please schedule your portrait by clicking this link. This link will take you to Microsoft Bookings where you can login using your NKU email and pick the time that works best for you

If you need to cancel or reschedule your portrait please do so using the link in the confirmation you received after booking. 



Starting July 31, 2023, the office of Marketing & Communications can no longer provide on-demand photography services; this work will be handled by outside service providers. 

The freelancers listed below have been vetted by the office of Marketing & Communications, and are approved vendors with the office of Procurement at a rate of $175/hour. 

Scott Beseler
(513) 476-9115


Mark Byron
(513) 373-5555


Each person on this list has signed a contract with Procurement specifying that any photographs taken will be owned by the University with all the rights that go along with them. Photographs taken by freelance photographers will not be available on Storage and production of those photographs is the responsibility of the department contracting the photographer. 

You will need to contact the freelancer directly to determine availability. The NKU unit hiring a freelance photographer is responsible for scheduling and payment. The NKU unit is required to submit a purchase requisition before the photography assignment begins.

For questions on this policy, please contact procurement at



The office of Marketing+Communications maintains an archive of current images for marketing and promotional use. These images can be found at


Looking for existing photos of campus?

The Office of Marketing & Communications maintains an archive of existing photography that goes back to 2009. Files are saved according to month and date of the assignment.

Please let our office know if you have trouble accessing photos. All pictures are Northern Kentucky University property and are subject to NKU usage guidelines. 

First, before attempting to access these photos, ensure you are currently connected to one of NKU’s networks:

1. Wired ethernet connection
2. NKU_Secure (wifi)
3. NKU_Encrypted (wifi)

If you are off campus at the time, you will first need to connect to NKU’s VPN.

Once you’ve connected properly to NKU’s network, follow the instructions below.

If you are logged in to your NKU computer, you will be taken directly to the photos folders. If not, a username & password prompt will appear and you will enter your NKU credentials.

You should now be connected and will be able to view two folders called “photos” and “archives.” Open and maneuver to the month and date of your assignment.

If you have any problems connecting to the resources above, please contact the IT Help desk at (859) 572-6911 for further assistance.