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The NKU brand is everything we do, everything we say - how we use our logo, our type styles, and other visual cues to express our message and personality. The NKU brand becomes stronger when people know what we stand for and how we fit into their lives. 

These guidelines were created to help you get the word out and maintain a consistent NKU identity. 

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NKU Logo, stacked vertically on a white background
Real Ambition Real Success 

Our purpose is to cultivate and raise up future leaders who make a real impact transforming our region and world. We transform bold ambition into success and establish the foundation for a higher-quality and fulfilling life, for all. 

NKU is a world open to your exploration and your invention. Everyone on our campus is unified by our passionate sense of purpose, infinite curiosity, bold ambitions and commitment to transforming that ambition into lifelong success. 

Real Ambition. Real Success. 

Communication Pillars

Students talking

Our communication pillars define our brand experience by capturing what we offer uniquely to connect with our aspirational student’s values, driving trust and loyalty. These emotional and rational benefits are a benchmark for marketing communications – at least one or more of these communication pillars should be present in our work and how we go to market. 

This language can be lifted for marketing material. Consider the context of the marketing channel and where the student is on their journey to adapt the copy accordingly. Additional copy will be needed dependent on the application and should be added to over time.

Visual Identity

This is our face to the outside world - how we use our logo, our type styles, and other visual cues to express our message and personality.

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Templates & Downloads

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