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2023-2024 Staff Congress Nominations

Staff Congress Candidate Nominations

It is advised that you review the Nomination Packet.  

I / the candidate agree to run for Staff Congress and hereby affirm that I / the candidate understand the duties and responsibilities of a Staff Congress Representative and, if elected, will fulfil them to the best of my /their ability for my / their term in office. I also confirm that I / the candidate have been employed continuously at NKU for at least one year as of the date of the election, employed since April 12, 2022.

  • Any contract employee, who has one or more years of service with Northern Kentucky University, is also eligible to run for a one year term on Staff Congress.
  • Nominees are to choose whether they want to run in their representation division or as an at-large candidate. The representation divisions used by Staff Congress follow the NKU Organizational Structure Chart. 
  • Any open seat(s) at the end of the nomination period will be converted to an at-large position for a one year term. This will maintain the required 35 seat membership of Staff Congress.
  •  According to the Staff Congress Bylaws, Article I, Section 4, each Staff Congress representative serves a two year term, beginning July 1, 2023. The contract employee who is elected will serve a one-year term.

    Nominees will be contacted directly via email or phone to request approval of their nomination & to make sure they meet eligibility to serve.
       Nominations will be open and available online 8:00 am March 10, 2023
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