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The African American Student Initiatives (AASI) Mentor Program was developed to assist African American first-year students in their transition to college; easing their academic and social adjustment to Northern Kentucky University (NKU). AASI Mentors will work with, and on behalf of, the department to provide intentional peer guidance, counsel and support, as well as assist with departmental programs, services and activities during the academic year and summer (both required) designed to:

  • Provide a caring and supportive environment that fosters the intellectual, personal, professional and cultural development of African American students entering NKU
  • Facilitate relationship and community building
  • Inform students of campus organizations, resources, and services and make referrals as appropriate
  • Increase retention and persistence to graduation

AASI Mentors will be paired with incoming students for a period of no less than one year and will serve as a resource to help orient them to the university, while also promoting their holistic development and well being. Departmental responsibilities include, but are not limited to the following:

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Serve as a positive role model for entering first-year and transfer students and provide academic and personal peer guidance and support
  • Meet with assigned students at least 10 hours per month, and prepare/submit mentee contact summaries
  • Attend group meetings and activities for all mentors and mentees
  • Register for one credit hour leadership class (LDR 396)
  • Attend mentor training sessions prior to NKU R.O.C.K.S. Summer experience
  • Assist with academic support services and cultural programming coordinated by AASI to include academic success seminars, study roundtables, groups and/or help sessions, guest lecturer/speaker series
  • Maintain confidentiality of information and records
  • Keep AASI staff informed of issues that signal “warnings/red flags”  indicating the mentee is having difficulty, and make as appropriate/necessary

*Mentors chosen as “Lead Mentors” will be expected to work between 10-15 hours in African American Student Initiatives. All other program mentors will be expected to come into AASI to hold designated “office hour(s)” at least one hour per week. Lead Mentors will be required to fill out an additional application on the Human Resources website.

Students interested in becoming an AASI Mentor MUST meet the following eligibility requirements:

  • Enrolled as a full time student at NKU
  • Completed at least 40 credit hours
  • Possess a 2.7 Overall GPA or above (and maintain a min. 2.5 semester, 2.7 overall GPA if selected. Failure to do so may result in being placed on Academic Probation with AASI and/or revocation of mentor position and incentives)
  • No record of any serious disciplinary or criminal action or activity (evaluation of individual cases and eligibility determination made by the Associate Dean/Director of African American Student Initiatives.)

For full consideration interested students must submit a completed application.

Application for AASI Mentor 2023-2024
(Please contact AASI for more information)


Flyer Text:

We are looking for NKU R.O.C.K.S. Mentors for the 2023-24 Academic Year!

We are looking for amazing leaders for the NKU ROCKS Mentor Program! Please note: The 3 Lead Mentor positions are paid student positions.

Applications close Monday, April 10.


  • Be enrolled at NKU (Fall & Spring)
  • 3.0 Cumulative GPA (Lead Mentors)
  • 2.5 Cumulative GPA (General Mentors)
  • At least a sophomore (30 credit hours)
  • Be involved
  • Must us NKU login to apply
  • Plus More (check application)

Apply Here