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  • The NKU ALL CARD is not transferable and must be presented upon request to establish official university identification/status.
  • The card remains the property of Northern Kentucky University and must be returned upon request.
  • The university is not responsible for expense resulting from the loss, theft, damage, or misuse of the card.
  • A $10 fee will be assessed for replacement cards. The fee will be evaluated annually and if an increase is desired it will be requested through the Fee Development process.
  • If a transaction cannot be verified due to a system failure and a purchase occurs with an insufficient balance, the cardholder is responsible for payment.
  • Requests for card usage histories must be made in person at the All-Card office, in writing by the individual named on the account, or obtained on your GET Funds account.
  • ALL CARD Declining Balance and Terms & Conditions:
                A. Declining Balance or ALL CARD Dollars, carry forward from semester-to-semester, and year-to-year.
                B. Any billed university charges, associated with Northern Kentucky University, that are unpaid may be collected from ALL CARD Balances. (completed on an annual basis as part of year-end closing)
                C. A $10 service fee will be assessed from ALL CARD Dollar balances for refund requests of ALL CARD balances. This includes requests at the end of semesters or other departure times from the university.(Balances under $10 are not available for refund)
                D. ALL CARD Dollar accounts with no activity for (24) twenty-four months will be considered dormant. Funds will be considered expired and forfeited to Northern Kentucky University Central Funds.
                E. These Terms & Conditions apply to all funds deposited into ALL CARD Dollar accounts.
  • There will be a fee assessed for returned checks and they will be handled in accordance with Student Account Services policies.
  • Use of the Northern Kentucky University ALL CARD indicates agreement with card policies.


How to Care for Your ALL CARD

  • Keep your card separate from other card's magnetic strips to avoid damage.
  • Protect your card from scratches by keys, change or other sharp objects.
  • Do not punch holes in, apply stickers to or bend your card.
  • High temperatures (like a closed car) will warp your card.
  • Treat your card like cash; someone else could use it if it is left unattended.



Contact the ALL CARD office for assistance at (859)572-6016, by email to, or visit us in the Student Union room 120.