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GET Funds is a website where cardholders can view and/or manage their ALL CARD Dollar account and meal plan. GET Funds provides valuable information about account balances and spending history while enabling deposits to an ALL CARD Dollar account using a credit card. Cardholders are automatically registered and can utilitze NKU's single sign-on (the same used for Webmail, Canvas, and myNKU). Apps are available for mobile devices also.

Parents or guests can quickly deposit funds using the 16 digit ISO number found on the ALL CARD along with the cardholders birthdate.


GET Fund users can:

Make Online Deposits
Cardholders (or guests) may deposit money to an ALL CARD account via credit card from the convenience of their own computers or mobile devices. GET Funds is “always on” so if a cardholder discovers they are out of money at 10 o'clock at night, they can still deposit funds. The ALL CARD Dollar account is then replenished and ready for purchases once again.


View Balance Inquiries
Account balances are displayed in real time.


Check Transaction Histories
Transaction histories may be displayed for the previous six months. Information displayed for each transaction includes date/time, location, account, type of transaction and amount of transaction. Keeping track of your ALL CARD Dollar account and meal plan is important. It allows you to make sure you have the funds ready to spend when you need them and also to use GET Funds to periodically check your spending patterns to better manage your money.


Set-up Automatic Deposits
GET Funds allows a cardholder to set up automatic deposits to an ALL CARD dollar account. Choose an amount, frequency, day of the week, and source of funding.


Report Cards Lost or Found
Placing a hold on an ALL CARD that has been lost or stolen is also a very important feature of GET Funds. Reporting a card lost immediately removes all spending privileges from the ALL CARD dollar account and meal plan. And if a lost card is found, just log back in to report the card found and the hold will be removed.


Ask a Question
Any questions you have about the ALL CARD can be asked and a response will be made as soon as possible. (Responses supplied during business hours only.)



Watch this short video clip to learn how to make a deposit to an ALL CARD using GET.


Click on the GET logo to go to the log-in page.

Click on the App Store logos to add GET to a computer or mobile device.