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Corrie Danieley

Corrie Danieley, Certified Teacher of Alexander Technique

$35 for 30 minutes

Located in the Well:
Albright Health Center, Room 253

Contact Corrie Danieley to schedule.
Available by appointment.
(859) 572-6362

What is The Alexander Technique?

The Alexander Technique teaches people how to move, breathe, speak, and do activities in a way that is less stressful - physically, mentally, and emotionally. Our bodies hold on to mental and emotional stress and the reverse is also true. If your body is in a compromised or stressful position then your mind and emotions will also gain stress. By learning how to move about your day in a way that is efficient, economic, and ergonomic chronic pain such as headaches, backaches, and tendonitis begin to disappear. After studying The Alexander Technique, many people start to feel lighter, easier, and more free.


What does an Alexander Technique lesson look like?

A private lesson lasts 30 minutes. You have the teacher’s complete attention and are able to get direct assistance on the issue you would like addressed.  After hearing your concerns, the teacher will shape the lesson to your needs and also help bring your awareness to some things you might not have known was happening with your body.  The teacher will talk you through the AT process while they put their hands on your head, neck, back, arms, and legs to increase your awareness of ease and freedom. Some activities performed in a lesson include standing, sitting, lying down, walking, and talking. The student is also encouraged to bring specific activities that often cause pain or discomfort – for example, typing, lecturing, knitting, driving, or even yoga. Everyone is unique and can bring any activity to the lesson.


How can the Alexander Technique help in the work place?

If you have ever found yourself with headaches after working on the computer, losing your voice after lecturing, or fighting back pain at the end of a work day then you may want to explore a new way of moving through your day. The Alexander Technique is not a treatment or a cure for medical issues. Students of The Alexander Technique learn how to use their whole self in a way that is efficient, economic, and ergonomic which in turn often helps various physical, mental, and emotional stressors dissipate. The skills you learn can be put into your daily routine right away and does not require you to set aside time every day to exercise. You practice The Alexander Technique while you live your regular life.

British Medical Journal study on AT and back pain:

Performers benefit from AT:


Corrie Danieley

In addition to teaching acting in the Theatre and Dance Program at Northern Kentucky University’s School of the Arts, Corrie Danieley is also a Certified Teacher of The Alexander Technique. Ms. Danieley completed her three-year training (roughly 1,200 hours) in 2012 through Chesapeake Bay Alexander Studies and was also certified through Alexander Technique International that same year. Since 2012, Ms. Danieley has taught three college courses on The Alexander Technique, group workshops, as well as maintained a private practice. Currently she is working with the Norton Neuroscience Institute in Louisville, Kentucky on ways that The Alexander Technique can help bring ease to people who experience non-epileptic seizures.  Our hope is to lessen the frequency and strength of their seizures. Ms. Danieley’s NKU Alexander Technique course, TAR411, is offered every fall, has no prerequisite, and is open to everyone on campus.

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