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FI Requests

University Accounts

Financial reports are available within SAP GUI to display funds center information, check whether budgets have been updated, and the available balance has been affected.

Security: Request for access to SAP GUI tab required

Training: Attend FI 300 FI/HR Reports (See dates and register, if available)

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NKU Foundation Accounts

Budgets represent annual approval to spend specific total amounts or for certain designated purposes. Budgets are used to allocate limited resources among a variety of purposes as approved by NKUF management and are typically used to control endowment spending or to allow spending to occur against gifts promised but not yet collected.

Additional business process information is available at

Security: Request for access to SAP GUI tab required

Training: Attend FI 301 Foundation Reporting (See dates and register, if available.) or complete E-Course. (Email Eileen Baker for more info.)

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Universal Worklist Functions

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Grants Management

The grants management module of SAP is designed to account for awards from government and other external sponsors for a specific activity. The module provides flexibility to account for funds on a fiscal period basis other than the University's fiscal year and shows financial information from a sponsor's view or NKU view. The grants management module permits differentiation between eligible and ineligible costs and the ability to bill and record sponsor amounts.

Reports specific to the needs of grant principal investigators (PIs) are available within SAP GUI and Business Warehouse (BW). The reports within SAP GUI are available as a sponsor view or NKU view. The PI can check whether the grant budget has been updated, determine the grant available balance, and review grant actual expenditures. Business Warehouse (BW) is separate from the SAP R/3 system and has its own server which stores data for reporting. BW receives data regularly from the SAP Financials system. BW reports can only be used to retrieve data, not change it.

Security: Access to the Grants UI approved by the functional unit  

Training: Attend FI 202 Grants Management Overview and Reporting (See dates and register, if available.)

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