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The following PARs can be initiated any time throughout the year, using the Start Process for Employee link from the Manager Self-Service (MSS) tab in myNKU:

  1. Part Time Faculty Pay, for monthly-paid part-time faculty
  2. Supplemental Pay, for monthly-paid employees and authorized student stipends
  3. Separation/Retirement, for any active faculty, staff or student employee


These forms must still be created as hard copies and routed through the appropriate signature process to Human Resources:

  1. Part Time Faculty Pay, for new part-time faculty and current biweekly-paid staff who also teach
  2. New Hire/Status Change/Continuation, for faculty and staff
  3. Leave of Absence, for faculty and staff
  4. Student New Hire/Status Change/Continuation, for students (routed to Student Financial Assistance rather than HR)


Faculty/staff forms can be found on the HR Forms web page; Student Employee forms can be found on the Student Financial Assistance - Student Payroll web page.

Security: Requested through the IT infra system by a person's supervisor; must be granted before training can take place.

Training: Attend HR 201 MSS – Personnel Action Requests (See dates and register, if available).

Reference Resources

Universal Worklist Functions

+ Approve Personnel Action Requests (PARs): Instructions  Video Tutorial