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Annual Benefits Enrollment is the yearly process through which eligible employees select and/or make changes to health care and life insurance benefits for the following calendar year, and takes place during a designated window of time in the fall, as communicated in the Benefits Bulletin. In myNKU, Annual Benefits Enrollment options are accessed from the Employee Self-Service tab, via the Benefits and Payment link. With the exception of adjustments to voluntary retirement savings plans, only qualifying life events may make employees eligible for benefit changes at times of the year other than the Annual Benefits Enrollment period.

Security: Automatically given to all employees eligible for benefits; must be granted before attendance at help center sessions.

Training: No formal training is offered. All benefits-eligible employees are welcome to attend an Annual Benefits Enrollment Help Center (see session schedule in the Benefits Bulletin), at which they have the opportunity to bring benefits enrollment questions and information with them. They are able to complete their enrollment in myNKU during the workshop session.

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