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From: Bonita J. Brown, J.D.
Interim President, Northern Kentucky University
Date: 7/5/2023
Subject: NKU and the Affirmative Action Ruling

Dear NKU campus community,

Last Thursday, the United States Supreme Court issued its long-awaited opinion in two cases challenging the use of race in admissions decisions by Harvard and the University of North Carolina.

A majority of the Court held that the schools' consideration of race --as part of holistic assessments of applicants-- is unconstitutional. In doing so, the Court effectively overturned precedent that many universities have relied on in making these determinations for over forty years. This was a landmark decision.

As we continue to discuss, learn about and critique the effects of this case on higher education, as well as its political and cultural implications, I want to assure you that we will remain steadfast in our commitment to doing the work of diversity, equity and inclusion for our students, faculty and staff.

For example, the ruling in no way dampens NKU’s student-recruitment efforts, including those directed to underrepresented minorities. Nor does it require changes to our programs or organizations for students once on campus. Because NKU currently makes admissions decisions without regard to an applicant's race or ethnicity, we will not be required to overhaul our admissions process in response to this decision.


Again, we remain committed to our mission and values, fostering a community of belonging by embracing equity, diversity and inclusiveness, and will continue to support all of our students through their educational journey. And our work has not gone unnoticed.

In response to our recent annual diversity report, The Council on Postsecondary Education (CPE) recently called NKU a “champion of diversity” awarding us our highest diversity score in the university’s history (and highest score of any university in the Commonwealth). This work doesn’t happen in a vacuum. It is done in partnership with divisions, colleges, administrators and staff members who put the work in to create an inclusive environment. This is the work.

Thank you for all that you do for NKU and for our students. We are Northern Kentucky’s regional university. Go Norse.



Bonita J. Brown, JD

Interim President