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From: Cady Short-Thompson, Ph.D.
President, Northern Kentucky University
Date: 10/18/2023
Subject: January 2024 NKU Transfer Campaign

Dear NKU Faculty, Staff and Students,

As I begin my third week serving as your president, the love and respect I have for this university’s people have only grown within this short time. Meeting with our bright students, talking with our innovative faculty and talented staff, engaging with our devoted community members, all have their own stories of how NKU has impacted their lives and the region--what a gem this university is! And now, I can’t help but want more students to realize just how special this institution is by having more of them join us. You can help NKU in this effort, allow me to explain how.

If you know someone interested in a change or a new place to call home, NKU’s spring semester registration will kick-off this November with multiple spring transfer incentives available. Over the next month, we will be sharing information through various communication channels about our registration and transfer application process, but one of the best ways to share this information is through your own voice, experiences and love of NKU. I urge all of you to help be an ambassador of NKU and the many great opportunities we have to offer.  As we launch the communication campaign in the next few days and weeks, I ask you to post the information on your social media channels and share the information with your neighbors and friends. Please also share our new and improved Transfer Center home page which walks through the application process.

All universities are in the period of the semester, where family or friends may be looking for a change. Some may have tried a larger university, but how are the doing? Maybe they have felt lost in a class size that had hundreds of other students? Maybe they have felt overwhelmed by the environment of the campus, it’s just not the place for them? Maybe they have realized the high cost of their university and have decided that they do not want to create a financial stress for years to come?

People seek ways to feel like they belong. Where they are more than just a number. Where they have a name. At NKU, this is what they can experience. We hear over and over again that many of our students say class size, relationships with faculty, cost, career preparation, and location played significant roles in their choice to make NKU their home, whether their initial choice or one they transferred into later in their collegiate journey.

Whatever the previous path, I want these students to know that NKU is here to help them finish what they started, and here with us, they can have a fresh start after trying something that didn’t quite fit regardless of the reasons why.

As you know, NKU is committed to affordable higher education. In fact, NKU has been ranked the most affordable college with the best outcomes in the Commonwealth of Kentucky. A few other significant highlights that benefit our students includes:

  • An average class size of 19 students. Here, you will be more than a number – your professors will know your name, interests, and needs.
  • NKU grads have the highest median income for any regional university in the Commonwealth.
  •  NKU ranks 40th out of 400 universities around the country for best value education. According to the Wall Street Journal, NKU is one of the top universities for exceptional value. We’re proud to be the only public university in the region and Commonwealth that made the top 100 ranking.

Together, our NKU community is a massive network, and we can work together to bring our newest Norse home.

Here we go!

Cady Short-Thompson, PhD