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What is it and why do we do it?

Drop for non-payment is the administrative process by which students are disenrolled from classes when they do not fulfill their financial obligation to the university for an academic term. The process is rooted in NKU’s Success by Design because it aims to ensure that enrolled students are informed about their financial obligation and remain on the road to completion of their degree without incurring unnecessary debt.

How to Avoid Being Dropped for Non-Payment

(Accelerated Online students, please see Accelerated Online FAQ’s)

  1. Pay full balance by the initial due date.  Full payment instructions are available.
  2. Complete financial aid process and have sufficient estimated financial aid approved and displayed on the student account statement to cover full balance.
  3. Pay any past semester balance prior to the start of the next semester.
  4. Sign up for the NKU Installment Plan

What happens when students are dropped?

  • Students are removed from course rosters
  • Students immediately lose access to Canvas coursework and online course materials
  • Students living in housing will have to move out of campus housing
  • May affect future financial aid/scholarship eligibility
  • All tuition for those dropped courses will be removed

Can students be reinstated into the courses?

Yes, there is a short window for reinstatement.  Students must reach out to Student Account Services via email at to request reinstatement within three (3) business days of cancellation.  All students that request reinstatement must either make payment in full, provide confirmation of financial aid eligibility and/or sign up for the NKU Installment Plan.  All students requesting reinstatement are responsible for an additional $100 reinstatement fee. 

Student Account Services is here to help!  We want to keep all students on track toward completion of their degree without unnecessary debt.  Please reach out if you have any questions or concerns at, 859-572-5204 or visit us on the 2nd floor of the Lucas Administrative Center, Room 235.