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Current Term Payment

Your student account payment is due in full to Northern Kentucky University by the billing due date for the current term.  The amount due is a bill, not a loan; you cannot defer payment.  Northern Kentucky University does offer a three payment installment plan.  Please click here for more details.

You can pay current term charges by any one of the following methods:

  • Online via MyNKU Biller Direct.  We accept E-Check, Visa, American Express, Mastercard and Discover payments.  There is a 2.5% service fee charged for all credit card payments.  There is no additional fee for E-Check payments.

  • In person at the Office of Student Account Services.  We accept cash, check and money order.  We cannot accept credit card payments in person.  We have a night deposit box outside of the office for your convenience.

  • Mail a personal check, money order/cashier's check to: Student Account Services, 5320 Campus Drive AC235, Highland Heights, KY 41099.

If you are going to be late on your payment or need help with your plan, please immediately contact Student Account Services to discuss possible options.  We can be reached at 859-572-5204 or

Failure to pay on time

A Student Account Services hold will also be put on your account before the current term is complete that will prevent further registration and access to your transcripts.  No hold releases can be made until you pay your past due account balance in full.  You are responsible for all late fees assessed to your account as long as it remains past due. Your account will be placed with a professional collection agency if the account remains unpaid at the end of the semester.  You will be responsible for all collection and court costs as a result of the non-payment.  If your account remains unpaid the KY Department of Revenue will begin collection on your account, and you will remain responsible for all collection penalties and court costs.

Payment Plan for Past-Due Accounts

Be aware that you cannot set up a payment plan with Northern Kentucky University for the current term's charges while you are on the NKU installment plan.

If your account is delinquent and you cannot pay the balance due in full, please contact Student Account Services to set up a payment plan.  The minimum monthly payment amount is $25 and the maximum repayment period allowed is one year (12 payments).  Your payment plan timeline will be the shortest possible period based on the balance due.  In order to set up a payment plan to make payments on your past due balance, you must complete and submit the NKU Amended Statement of Obligation & Internal Payment Plan Agreement. Please email, mail or bring in the completed form. 

Once you have a payment plan agreement set up, you must make all payments on time in the correct amount, beginning with the payment plan start date.  At the time of your first payment, late fees and account maintenance fees will no longer be charged as long as you continue to make monthly payments on time.  A Student Account Services hold will remain on your student account and prohibit future registration, the issuance of official transcripts, or a diploma until the past due amount is paid in full. 

Additional Terms

  • No penalty for prepayment.

  • You can pay more than the monthly amount due or pay your bill in full at any time.

  • Paying more than one month does not lower next month's payment amount.


If you make payments for less than the agreed upon amount without prior consultation with the Office of Student Account Services, you could be considered in default and your account can be sent to the Kentucky Department of Revenue.

  • Default means that you have stopped making monthly payments on time per your agreement with the University.

  • Missing one payment could result in default.

  • All attorney's fees, collection costs, late fees, installment fees, court costs, collection agency commissions and other collections costs will be reinstated and charged to you.

  • The collection agency will report the defaulted status to the credit reporting agencies.

Your amount due will include fees for collection and must be paid in full IMMEDIATELY.  To avoid having this debt referred for collection to the Commonwealth of Kentucky, Department of Revenue, contact Larry McNickle at 859-572-6697 or

FERPA Financial Hearing

Information about a FERPA financial hearing.