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New Installment Plan for Fall 2022

(Please note: accelerated online students are not eligible for the installment plan, due to the abbreviated nature of the courses)

NKU students have three options for tuition payment:


  • Pay full fall semester balance by August 22, 2022.
  • Have sufficient estimated financial aid approved on the student account statement to cover full balance.
  • Sign up for the NKU Installment Plan.

The NKU installment plan splits the fall semester balance due into 4 payments. The $90 NKU installment plan enrollment fee is non-refundable and due with the first installment.  Any changes to charges or financial aid will affect the monthly installments.  We will send alerts regarding installment plan amount changes to students via NKU email.

Students will have the opportunity to opt into the installment plan on Biller Direct from July 14, 2022 until August 22, 2022.  If payment in full is not received, aid is not finalized and the student declines to opt into the installment plan then the student will be dropped for non-payment after August 22nd.


       Fall Semester Installment Plan example:

        Total Invoice:

        Tuition & Fees     $5,296.00

        Housing                $2,750.00

        Meal Plan             $2,210.00

        Federal Loan      -$5,500.00

        Scholarship        -$1,500.00

        Total Due             $3,256.00


        Installment Plan Schedule:

        August 22, 2022          $904.00

        September 22, 2022   $814.00

        October 21, 2022         $814.00

        November 21, 2022    $814.00


Installment Plan Enrollment Screenshot


Are You Eligible/Opt-In to the Installment Plan

  • login to MyNKU portal
  • Go to the Tuition Payment & Statement Tile (Biller Direct) ----------------------------------->
  • If you are eligible you will see the link to Installment Plan in the middle of your screen
  • Click the Link and follow the steps to get enrolled

Students who fail to pay the required minimum monthly payment by the indicated due date will be subject to a late payment fee assessment of 1.5% of the total account balance after each missed payment due date. 

If a student fails to pay in full or opt into the NKU installment plan by August 22nd then the student will be dropped for non-payment.