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Community Outreach

Reaching out to you

The main objective of the Community Relations Team (CRT) is to create a safe and fun environment through teamwork and education for the entire Northern Kentucky University community.  To carry out our goal, we will enhance the safety awareness and prevention to Students, Faculty and Staff throughout the year by giving crime prevention tips, presentations, programs and demonstrations concerning safety.   Some of the topics will include:

Property Identification, Campus Safety, Drug Use/Abuse, Crime Prevention, Active Shooter, Pedestrian Safety, Drinking and Driving, Fire & Medical Emergencies, Bomb Threat, Emergency Evacuation, Rape Aggression Defense Training and Resident Hall Police Liaison.

Our Community Relations Team will also like to extend our services to anyone who is interested in having a member from the Community Relations Team being involved within your group, team or organization project or program.  The involvement doesn't have to be safety related.  As long as the mission is to have fun, educate and/or strengthen relationships, we will be more than happy to be apart of your task.

Student Interviews

Students needing to interview a police officer for their class are required to book an appointment at least 2 days in advance.  Spaces are limited, so we encourage students to start their projects early.

Book an appointment with NKU Police Student Interviews using SetMore

Rape Aggression Defense System

 This is a a comprehensive course for women and a program of realistic, self defense tactics and techniques. It begins with awareness, prevention, risk reduction and avoidance, while progressing on to the basics of hands-on defense training.

The Citizens'  Police Academy

This is an educational program designed to give the public a working knowledge of the Northern Kentucky University Police Department's personnel and policies.


  • Citizens Police Academy

    Find more information about the Citizens' Police Academy, including what it is, why it was created, and more information for getting involved.

  • Citizen Property Inventory System

    Find more information about the Citizen Property Inventory System and how you can protect your property for free.

  • Internship Program and Application

    Find more information about the Internship Program, including the program format and the program application.