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Improving Traffic Flow

The campus of Northern Kentucky University currently features two roundabouts – one on Nunn Drive near BB&T Arena at Northern Kentucky University and another on Johns Hill Road at Knollwood Drive. While roundabouts may seem strange at first approach, they are designed to improve traffic flow by removing stop lights and ensuring a continuous flow of traffic.

Below are a few basic rules to follow as you approach, enter and navigate an NKU roundabout. Note that there are no stop signs at the roundabout entrances; you are free to enter the circle whenever it is safe to do so.

Driving through a Single-Lane Roundabout

Approaching a Roundabout

  • Many roundabouts have traffic signs notifying drivers in advance that they will soon be entering a roundabout. Drivers should decrease their speed as they approach a roundabout and follow any posted speed signs.

Entering a Roundabout

  • When entering a roundabout, look in each direction paying particular attention to vehicles circling the roundabout to the driver’s left.
  • As at any traffic intersection, yield to pedestrians and bicyclists and do not enter a roundabout when an emergency vehicle is approaching in any direction.
  • If there are no vehicles immediately approaching, it is legal to proceed into the roundabout without stopping, as long as all traffic laws are followed.

Driving In a Roundabout

  • Following posted speed limits, proceed through the roundabout following the roadway counterclockwise to the right of center island.
  • Within a roundabout, do not stop for vehicles waiting to enter the roundabout. Those driving within a roundabout have right-of-way over vehicles readying to enter the roundabout.
  • Before exiting, use turn signals to indicate where you will exit the roundabout.
  • Remember that many roundabouts feature crosswalks after you have exited the roundabout itself. Always yield to anyone in these crosswalks.


  • Cross streets safely utilizing marked crosswalks. Try to make eye contact with drivers before crossing in front of them. Do not assume that because you can see the driver, the driver can see you.
  • Look left, right and left again when crossing, and keep looking as you cross. Walk, do not run, across the street.
  • Walk on sidewalks or paths. If there are no sidewalks, walk facing traffic as far to the left as possible.
  • Be a safe pedestrian around cars. Watch for cars that are turning or backing up.
  • Don’t text/use your cell phone or engage in any other distracting activity while crossing the street.

We hope these simple instructions will make navigating our roundabouts easier for campus visitors. If you have any questions about these instructions or about campus navigation generally, please call the NKU Police Department at (859) 572-5500.