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Sex Offender Self Registry

Under the provisions of the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), as amended by the Campus Sex Crimes Prevention Act (CSCPA), Northern Kentucky University (NKU) shall disclose information concerning registered sex offenders. The purpose of this reporting is to ensure that members of the campus community have information available concerning the presence of registered sex offenders.

The state of Kentucky is required to report such information concerning registered sex offender's enrollment or employment and to make this information available promptly to University Police. Additionally, the University requires all registered sex offenders to self-report their status to University Police upon employment or enrollment. This can be done in person at the University Police offices or by using the web form located at

Upon receipt of notification, the University Police will notify the Chief Human Resources Officer if the registered offender is an employee, or Student Conduct, Rights, and Advocacy (SCRA) if the registered offender is a student. Human Resources/SCRA will contact the employee/student to clarify their status and to advise of the applicable University policies and procedures. 

To view NKU's Sex Offender Policy click here.