Travel Request and Expense Reports are only filed for NKU employees. Student travel is filed separately on the student travel voucher as a Parked Vendor Invoice.

Daytime Travel- Any travel not including overnight stay. An approved travel request will be required for ALL daytime travel.

Overnight Travel- Any travel including overnight stay, requires a request including overnight stay in Ky.

  • No travel expense shall be reimbursed unless the travel was authorized in advance of the trip.
  • All travel will go through the workflow approval process in SAP.
  • Any Expense Report with mistakes or missing information will be returned to the initiator for correction, including overnight stay submitted without a travel request.
  • When submitting a request, estimate an amount sufficient to refund the traveler for out of pocket expenses. Items such as airline cost that may be charged to the Procurement Card should not be included in the estimated amount. Please use the Comments section to list the items and amounts (if known or estimated if not) that will be paid for on the Pro-Card. Only actual amounts spent will be charged to departmental budget. If a pre-registration is paid through the purchase requisition route and will not be paid by employee at the meeting, this amount is NOT to be included on the authorization. If a state vehicle will be used, the amount for that should NOT be included.
  • Travel Expense Reports submitted in excess of 10% of the authorization amount will be handled on a case-by-case basis. Justification must be provided and approved by the department head.
  • Please note: When filing a travel expense report you must create the expense report from the approved travel request.
  • Please note if traveling to a European Union country a completed General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Notice form needs to be signed off and attached to the travel request.  The form can be found at this link here and more information from NKU Legal can be found at this link here.

Travel Overview: Help and Reference