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The Office of First-Year Programs embraces a student-centered, holistic approach to student success through courses and programs that support the academic achievement and co-curricular engagement of first-year students creating a foundation for life-long learning

Q&A with Maria Flowers From Northern Kentucky University Alpha Lambda Delta


Why did you join Alpha Lambda Delta?

    I decided to join ALD because it would lead to good connections and friendships. ALD has really given me the opportunity to engage on campus and not be so nervous. I think as freshmen we are all scared of what could become of our college experience, but ALD has already left me with so many life-lasting memories. 

What role has ALD played in your undergraduate career?

    ALD has played a major role in my undergraduate career by getting me comfortable. ALD has also prepared me for future classes by making me not afraid to ask questions and be involved. We are here to learn and grow in our career, so we need to take charge of our education.

How do you balance your involvement on campus with your academic excellence?    

    One way I balance both involvement on campus and academic excellence is by putting them together. I don’t think of it as a “balance” but doing something fun while accomplishing proper academic goals. When I go to do something with my friends, I bring along my laptop and set aside time for homework. 

What has been your favorite ALD activity?

    My favorite activity so far has been the ALD Halloween Party. We had lots of games, food, and fun to help people engage. We created memories that last a lifetime with amazing friends. ALD has encouraged me to get out and have fun, but also to make a difference and make the most of what we have.

How has ALD helped you with your leadership development?

    ALD has taught me it’s okay to be different and follow your own path. I am special, and I can become a leader by using my own leadership style. When you step up, create change, and encourage differences, leadership and team building will be accomplished. 

What’s next for you after college?

    I would like to become a counselor to help others as so many have helped me. I am specifically interested in working with and helping children. I have always had the passion to do something where I can make an impact. I promote others to do the same and appreciate their own journey ahead.

Kolawole Akinrele From Northern Kentucky University Awarded Jo Anne J. Trow National Scholarship


The Office of First-Year Programs and Alpha Lambda Delta National Honor Society would like to congratulate Kolawole Akinrele for winning the Jo Anne J. Trow Undergraduate Scholarship. Akinrele is a mathematics and statistics major, by earning the scholarship he gained recognition for his hard work within the academic and extra-curricular activities he takes part in. The scholarship is for the 2018-2019 academic year, out of the 78 applicants Akinrele was one of 36 chosen to recieve a scholarship in the amount of $1,000.

For more information or to get involved visit NKU Alpha Lambda Delta, National Alpha Lambda Delta or Alpha Lambda Delta Trow Undergarduate Scholarship.


Moving Freshmen Forward

 Northern Kentucky University freshman students have the opportunity to experience their first college year in an environment that promotes active learning, collaboration and personal development through these programs:

University 101: Orientation to College & Beyond
Learning Communities
Book Connection
Alpha Lambda Delta

By collaborating with other academic and student development offices and community agencies, First-Year Programs offers these experiences to any freshman, regardless of their academic major or interests.

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