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What is the Common Experience?

The Common Experience is designed to foster a common, academic conversation and cultivate engagement between students, faculty and staff. This year-long experience features an overarching theme unique to each academic year. With the Common Experience, participants will explore thought-provoking material at both the personal and academic level. Additionally, university-wide events and opportunities will be held throughout the academic year to further build community and facilitate meaningful discussions.

Common Experience Goals:

Share and understand diverse perspectives in a constructive manner
Explore the role we play in shaping society
Build a community of engaged learners
Connection between first year students through discussion and year-long programming

Current Theme

The theme for the 2021-2022 NKU Common Experience is “Democracy and Education”. Through this theme, we invite faculty, staff, and students to explore democracy through the lens of civic and community engagement.

This overarching theme is meant to promote common, academic conversation and foster engagement on campus around the idea that there is democratic power in local involvement.

"What does community engagement mean to you"

Word Cloud from Placemaking Project
Responses from NKU students

upcoming event

World Cafe Social Media, Activism, and Democracy

Placemaking Program

QR Code for Placemaking Application

As part of this year's Common Experience, there will be a series of campus-wide opportunties for placemaking.

What is placemaking? Placemaking involves creating or designing public spaces based on the needs and desires of those in the community. We will be using placemaking to make out NKU community what we want it to be and to represent who we are and what we value

Want to get involved in placemaking? If you are interested in applying to the placemaking program, click here or scan the QR code to access the application form. The form is used to sumbit ideas for placemaking or to volunteer to help with a placemaking project.