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Assistant Vice Provost

Gannon Tagher headshot

Gannon Tagher

UC 122B

(859) 572-7544



Coordinator of FYE Student Engagement

Headshot of Amanda Andrews

Amanda Andrews

UC 120J



Director & Lecturer

Tracy Hart headshot

Tracy Hart 

UC 122D




Coordinator of Student Support and Technology

Headshot of Mike Irvin

Mike Irvin

UC 122F

(859) 572-7862



Coordinator of Advising Programs

Headshot of Megan LaDow

Megan LaDow

UC 224A

(859) 572-6139




Headshot of Rose Von Handorf

Rose Von Handorf

UC 120

(859) 572-7876



Graduate Assistant

Headshot of Evelyn Madill-Hughes

Evelyn Madill-Hughes

UC 415

(859) 572-5379