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What is FYRE?

FYRE is a new initiative that provides first-year students with an inclusive faculty-mentored research experience. By joining FYRE, students explore broad research topics and get involved in interdisciplinary research and creative projects in collaboration with a community of faculty and students from all across campus.

Faculty mentors
Research Topics

Who can apply?

The initiative is primarily dedicated to freshmen and aims at involving them in research and creative projects as soon as their first year. By doing this, they can be prepared to explore further opportunities for research and creative work on campus.

Are you a first-year or prospective NKU student interested in learning more or joining FYRE? Do you want to be part of a community of students who explore career planning, diversity in pathways, and strategies for success after college?

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If you have questions, feel free to check the Frequently Asked Questions or contact us at

Why join?

FYRE enables students to see first hand the research and creative activity conducted at NKU and see how it can translate into their own experiences and career paths.

1. Research is awesome!
Although research can be intimidating at first, students refer to it as one of the most rewarding experiences of their academic journeys. The FYRE program is designed to make research more accessible and inclusive thanks to faculty mentors who guide students in every step.

2. Career readiness
Research and creative activities enhance students' career readiness, communication skills, critical thinking, leadership, professionalism, and teamwork. Moreover, getting involved in research and creative projects helps develop traits and experiences that are relevant for employers.

3. Academic success
Students involved in research are more likely to discover and pursue their talents and passions earlier and more successfully. This is why we believe FYRE can make the difference for every student.

How it works

This two semester first year opportunity enables students to see first hand the research and creativity conducted at NKU and see how that can translate into their own experiences and career paths. The FYRE program has a duration of two semesters and is structured into two courses that students can take for credit.



Fall semester: UNV 150

1 credit hour

This course is designed to provide students with an introduction to the breadth of research and creative activity and to inspire them to start collaborating on a project.

  • Connect with faculty mentors and students involved in research.
  • Learn about research and creative projects realized on campus
  • Discover the many opportunities to get involved in research

Spring semester: UNV 155

3 credit hours

During this course, students join an interdisciplinary team and work together with a faculty mentor on addressing a broad research question.

  • Propose your idea or join a research project
  • Collaborate with faculty mentors and students
  • Discover opportunities for funding and professional development

FYRE mentors

FYRE mentors are passionate scholars who share their research and creative experience with students, inspire and guide them throughout their experience.

Speaker in the Digitorium
Dancers on Stage
Presenter students
Ashish Vaidya viewing student presentations