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Compassionate Guidance- Authentic Connection- Enlightened Wellbeing

When that moment occurs...

The moment you decide, 


"It's my TIME." 

Set yourself up for success. Get the guidance and support you deserve.  

Who: Free wellness coaching is available to all benefit-eligible employees and retirees at NKU during the academic year.

Where: Coaching appointments can be virtual or in-person - whatever works best for you. In-person sessions are held in FH 359B. Once you schedule your appointment with Lyndsay, she will email details.

When: By Appointment. Coaching begins the first day of fall semester, August 21, 2023 Contact Lyndsay directly to schedule at

How: Coaching is provided by Lyndsay Barto, R.D. 

*12 sessions per calendar year, per employee.
*No shows and cancellations less than 48 hours prior to appointment will be deducted from the 12 sessions. 

Lyndsay Barto, MS RDN LDN

Meet Lyndsay Barto, MS RDN LDN

Lyndsay Barto is a Registered Dietitian and has years of experience working in corporate wellness helping individuals who strive to lead healthier and more fulfilling lives and supporting companies in creating an environment where their employees can be successful in doing so.

Lyndsay has a Master’s degree in Health Education and Promotion from the University of Cincinnati and a Bachelor’s degree in Dietetics from the University of Kentucky. She joined NKU in 2016, where she's had the opportunity to continue to help others embrace their personal journey of well-being while pursuing balance and growth in her own life.

In her personal time, Lyndsay enjoys spending her time reading, crafting and most importantly, soaking up as much time as she can with her husband and 3 sons.

A message from Lyndsay:

"As a dietitian with a deep passion for helping people and loads of experience in the corporate wellness industry, I am on a mission to revolutionize the way people go about achieving health and well-being.
 I believe that the pursuit of well-being should cultivate joy, laughter, and personal worthiness. That’s what I help individuals do. I help people deepen into their own personal wisdom and we help organizations support vibrant, thriving employees. Connect with me, indulge in my passion, and find a little for yourself." 

Here's what some of your colleagues have said about the service:

“The NKU Personal Wellness Coaching program has had a significant impact on my ability to be effective in my job, to creatively manage job-related stress, and to successfully adapt to work-related changes that are beyond my control. I have worked with other coaches in the past, but the NKU Personal Wellness Coaching approach is unique in that it combines a solid philosophy of overall health and well-being that integrates mind, body and spirit. Always a source of encouragement and support, the NKU Personal Wellness Coach has challenged me and held me accountable, but has done so in a way that was based on best practices in the field of workplace wellness and always with kindness and love. I am grateful for the availability of this resource as part of my employee benefits at NKU.”

"Lyndsay Barto has been a wonderful wellness mentor to me. My path to excellent health has been in many venues- nutrition, exercise, and sleep. Lyndsay has been a thought partner for me as she and I brainstorm small changes to affect positive outcomes to my very real health concerns. Thanks to her guidance I have reduced my BMI, increased my strength and cardio health, and found renewed sleep patterns. The NKU Wellness benefit has truly enhanced my life! I am a better employee as a direct result of LBWellbeing service. Thank you, Lyndsay!"

"I began meeting with Lyndsay just a few weeks after being hired at NKU in January 2020 because I wanted to take advantage of a great wellness/life coaching program that NKU was offering for free to their employees. I thought that I could use some help getting my mindset wrapped back around caring for myself after raising three children. I remember thinking to myself “this person is going to think I’ve just been lazy, ate too much of the wrong thing, and judge me for not being this perfect package of a woman.” Little did I know how much I would enjoy Lyndsay’s perspective on life, health, and how to be ok with learning to put myself first for a change. Lyndsay’s positive attitude, depth of wisdom, creativity in how to think outside of the box for renewing my mind, and her constant smile and warm spirit have helped me to want to care for myself and make a difference in my own life for my own benefit, which would in turn help my family. She is never judgmental. Lyndsay is always happy to offer suggestions on how to improve my mindset or how to be a healthier version of myself in mind, body, and spirit. I am extremely grateful for the opportunity that NKU has given me to meet with Lyndsay. After all, who wouldn’t want to take advantage of an opportunity to have their own personal cheerleader cheering them on towards their goals? Thank you, Lyndsay, for everything! You are a rock star!!!"

"Your support of my wellbeing has single-handedly allowed me to get where I am today. 

  • I ran the Flying Pig Half-Marathon yesterday. 13.1 miles of goal setting and determination. 
  • Our monthly conversations help me to visualize my wellness (mental, physical, and nutritional). I am almost to my goal weight. 
  • My eating habits are now just that eating habits not perpetual diet. 
  • My exercise is a part of who I am… strength training + cardio make me happy. 
  • My sleep… well… that is my favorite wellness change. I now sleep like a baby.

You have been with me since January 2020..  You have made a big difference in my life. I am grateful to you!"