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NKU Magazine 2023 Print Edition

NKU Magazine 2023 cover
This issue of NKU Magazine features three women who are blazing the trail: Christina Roybal, vice president and director of Athletics; Hannah Edelen ('20), who you might know as Miss Kentucky; and Bonita Brown, NKU's interim president.

Plus, we celebrate the university's most successful fundraising campign, Further, Faster, and honor the memory of Eva G. Farris. We also talk with YouTuber Justin Couch, Staff Regent and associate director of Institutional Research Cori Henderson and Cities United Executive Director Anthony Smith.


Students with 3D model
Honors Course Builds Better Books for the Blind and Visually Impaired

"NKU can continue to support us by doing exactly what you’re doing. It’s invaluable at Clovernook."

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Shelly Deavy
New AVP Helps EXCELerate Student Success

"EXCELerate is all about making sure NKU has the resources it needs now to ensure our students can succeed while also building for the future."

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Oakley and Eva Farris
Leaving a Legacy

"Eva loved this university, and not just NKU students, but young people across this region."

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Student speakers at Further, Faster event
Taking NKU Further, Faster

Northern Kentucky University recently concluded its most successful fundraising campaign in university history.

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1973 Commencement ceremony
A Golden Anniversary

“From a small state college to a dynamic university, this 50-year reunion feels as much about celebrating NKU’s success as [celebrating] those students [who started] the journey.” 

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NKU Men's Basketball vs. UC
NKU Takes Down UC

"When I reflect on what [the win] means, I think it’s a great indication to, not only northern Kentucky, but the region and nationally on just how great of contenders we can be and we are and that we put on a stellar Division I environment program."

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A New Era

"Success, to me, is when all our programs have opportunities to compete at the top of the league. That’s hard to do. But I want there to be this drive, that striving for the top of the conference and to win championships.”

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More Than Just a Sash and Crown

“I'm thinking about myself as a contributor in this world, and how we all can be that—regardless of what your background looks like. We can make a meaningful impact, and as long as you're leading in an authentic and loving way, I think other people will see that, too.”

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Hannah Edelen
Meet NKU's Interim President, Bonita Brown

“What I found was that universities can actually put roadblocks in students’ way because of the way we implement processes and structures, and we have to remove those so students can succeed."

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Norse Now (Alumni Profiles)

Justin Couch
Turning Spare Change into Subscribers

“I’d like to be the Cincinnati version of some of these bigger podcasts. Instead of being someone that gets A-list celebrities, it’d be a good opportunity to get artists that come in through Riverbend or other local venues. I really just want to keep building and turn this into a media empire.” 

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Anthony Smith
Creating Safe Communities

"Creating a space for these individuals to do the work and assist in improving their communities is so important. I had mentors who helped me create pathways that I can now lead others in following."

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Cori Henderson
Building Connections

"Traditionally, I don't have a lot of opportunities to work one-on-one with students within my job, but in other avenues, I've been able to have that kind of connection. It has been really nice to be able to be that support for our staff.”

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Mystery Photo

Two contestants armwrestling
Solve the Mystery for NKU History!

Were you the winner of this arm wrestling match? Was this a contest hosted by the United States Armwrestling Federation?

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April 2023

Written by
Jayna Morris ('22)
Editor, NKU Magazine

Photography by
Scott Beseler