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Event Guide


NKU Employees Only

**All outside groups** must go through Conference Management & Event Services if they are using NKU facilities and must pay rental fees. Please email Leah Koch or call (859) 572-6502.

Room Scheduling:

  • Refer to Event Scheduling and Support for information on meeting rooms and classrooms on the Highland Heights campus, as well as information on the Reservation Request Systems and the online room request process.

Physical Arrangements:

  • Make sure you reserve your space: Event Scheduling and Support has instructions on the Faculty/Staff page.
  • If needed, build time into the reservation for any setup and/or tear-down time you need in the room. Consider adding at least 30 minutes at the beginning and end of your reservation to cover this.
  • For support services information, please see the Support Services page.



  • Send parking instructions to off-campus visitors. See parking information above.
  • Submit a work order for setup, if event is NOT in the Student Union or University Center. It can be completed online at Facilities Management. Make sure the work order includes removal of all items at the end of the event. 
  • Events held in the Student Union or University Center should submit information to the Student Union Operations staff.
  • Complete the Door Unlock Request Form, if necessary. If an event occurs on the weekend, remember to also request exterior building access in addition to individual classroom access. Events held in the Student Union or University Center can coordinate access requests with the Student Union Operations staff.
  • Order media and technology equipment through Information Technology. If media and technology equipment is needed in the Student Union or University Center, please coordinate your request with the Student Union Operations staff.
  • Notify Facilities Management of your event so that your room will be temperature controlled. Contact Power Plant.


  • If you are planning a meeting with a meal involved, remember to reserve your room before contacting the Catering Office. (Catering is NOT responsible for reserving rooms for departments or offices.)
  • If your department has an event involving food, contact Chartwells to order your food at (859) 572-7782. All food must be ordered through Chartwells for campus events.
  • Catering information can be found at
  • If catering has been contacted, order tables to support your catering order. This should be done by the department sponsoring the event.
  • If you need any tables skirted for your events (i.e. tables on stage), skirting must be ordered from Catering.


  • Send the map link to all off-campus participants: NKU Map.
  • Information should be sent to off-campus participants. Include the room and building location. Please do not list "NKU" as the location. Wherever possible, list a contact name and phone number for your department on the registration information, flier, or letter sent to participants.
  • Remember to give your attendees parking instructions.
  • Notify the NKU Switchboard, Welcome Center, and University Police of your event. Make sure to include all details and a contact phone number.


  • Consider publicizing the vent. See the Marketing & Communications website for assistance.
  • If you want to hang fliers on campus, they must be stamped. Please read the Posting Policy for more information. Do not hang on painted surface, windows, doors, or on the sides of buildings.


  • Departments who are planning a function involving alcohol must complete an Alcoholic Beverage Event Form. Please allow at least 2 weeks for processing.