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Severe Weather

This policy applies to all adverse weather conditions during the year which, depending on severity, could result in a decision by the president or designate to cancel classes or close the university.

The policy

Adverse weather, especially during the winter months, will not affect University operations and classes scheduled unless one or more of the following additional conditions occur:

  • Campus facilities are damaged and determined unsafe.
  • Essential utilities, such as heat and electrical service, are lost.
  • Extremely hazardous travel conditions exist.

The University Police are responsible for monitoring weather reports and road conditions in the Greater Cincinnati area on a 24-hour basis.  A decision to close the university will be based on an evaluation of this information.

  • A decision to cancel classes or close the University will be made by 6:00 a.m. during the school week. 
  • A decision to cancel only evening classes will be made by 3:00 p.m. 
  • The decision will then be reported to area radio and television stations for dissemination. 
  • The Director of Marketing and Communications will be notified by University Police Chief and the appropriate entry will be displayed at 
  • University personnel will also post the appropriate recorded message which may be accessed by dialing (859) 572-6165 or (859) 572-6166, and will initiate internal notification system.

Partial closure

  • The message will reflect that classes will open at a certain time. This will mean all classes before that time are canceled.  However, the normal business operations of the University will be conducted as usual; staff personnel should report at their normal times.
  • This will apply to all University campuses unless otherwise specified.

Full closure 

  • The message will reflect that the University is closed for the day. 
  • Only essential staff personnel are required to report for work. 
    • Department heads are to determine essential personnel, to inform them of their obligations, and to insure they are able to be at work when needed. 
  • This too will apply to all University campuses unless otherwise specified.

Look for closing announcements on local radio and television stations

Severe thunderstorm tips (docx)