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  • Request Accommodation Letter

    The Office for Student Accessibility communicates a student’s approved accommodations via letters that are requested and delivered by the student to their instructors. The letters include all of the classroom accommodations that are approved for an individual student.

  • Submit Exam Request

    Follow the instructions on this page to submit an exam request accommodation.

  • Request Alternative Text

    If you have been approved for alternative textbooks by the Office for Student Accessibility, you may only request books for courses which you are enrolled in. You will need to submit the request as soon as possible, so there is no delay in obtaining the needed format. You may contact the bookstore, department, or professor to find out the information (title, author, edition, copyright date, publisher and ISBN number) for your required textbooks. In order to meet the immediate needs of as many students as possible, alternate text may be produced at OSA and provided in stages based on course syllabus and direction from the requesting student.

  • Voter Registration

    The Office for Student Accessibility is a voter registration site. You can also register online to vote in the Commonwealth of Kentucky or nationally. Please contact OSA if any assistance is needed to register to vote.

  • Accessible Routes and Parking

    The campus map is designed to indicate the most accessible routes and entrances to buildings on NKU’s campus. The Northern Kentucky University shuttle and TANK buses are equipped with wheelchair lifts. The shuttle schedule is available on Housing's website. TANK schedules are available on the Transit Authority of Northern Kentucky website. For information on disability-related parking needs, please visit Parking Services.

  • Assistive Technology/Equipment

    Learn more about assistive technologies and assistive equipment available to NKU students.

  • Accommodation Appeal and Grievance Procedure

    The Office for Student Accessibility engages with every student requesting accommodations to determine whether to grant the accommodations as requested or to propose alternative reasonable accommodations. Students with disabilities who have followed published procedures for requesting accommodations and have done so in a timely manner, but who believe they have not been granted reasonable accommodations, or who believe that approved accommodations have not been appropriately implemented, or students who requested accommodation(s) but were denied may file an appeal as outlined on this page.

For a copy of the NKU Office for Student Accessibility Handbook please email